Tell The WEB your thoughts on the

Reader feedback is an extremely important part of every newspaper. Readers should always be able to express their opinions on current events as well as articles that appear in the newspaper. Last year, The WEB had very little direct reader feedback in the form of letters to the editor. We all heard that everybody doesn’t like The WEB, but we were never quite sure why. This year, we’d like to remedy that situation. We want to know your opinion not only about things that appear in The WEB, but about an array of other issues as well. That’s why we’re going to focus on an Issue-of-the-Issue in The WEB. Each time the paper is published, we will have a box in the opinion section letting you, our esteemed readers, know what the Issue-of-the-Issue will be at the next time The WEB is published. We encourage you to write in to us and publicly express your beliefs on whatever the topic happens to be. This first edition of Issue-of-the-Issue is to let us know what you want to see in The WEB this year. Would you like to see a lot of satire? Would you like to see a lot of hard-hitting news? Would you like to see a mixture of the two? Would you like to see an emphasis on Ames High issues, Iowa issues, or global issues? We can’t make you love The WEB if you don’t tell us what you’d love to see in The WEB. That’s why we encourage you to write a signed letter to the editor and give it to a staff member or The WEB’s staff advisor, Mr. Johnson.