Tragic school shooting

School shootings have become increasingly common since Columbine. Around 80 shootings have occurred between the years 1996 and 2006, spanning all over the United States. The most recent was Jan. 3 at a Tacoma, Washington high school. 18-year-old Douglas Chanthabouly shot 17-year-old Samnang Kok near a hallway of lockers before classes started Jan. 3 at Henry Foss High School. Chanthabouly refused to tell authorities why he killed Kok. “I can’t tell you why, I don’t want it in the news,” Chanthabouly said. County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ed Murphy said, “[He] did not know Mr. Kok, but knew of him.” Witnesses told Tacoma police that Chanthabouly pointed the handgun at Kok and said, “What’s up?” and then shot him in the face. Pierce County Police arrested Chanthabouly on charges of first-degree murder. Police said that the shooting does not appear to be gang related. Foss Henry High School does not have any metal detectors, but there are security guards on staff. After the shooting, the school was locked down and classes were cancelled. Chanthabouly has a history of mental illness and may have schizophrenia. After his arrest, Penny Hobson of Pierce County Jail’s mental health staff interviewed Chanthabouly. A file reported by Hobson Jan. 4 stated that Chanthabouly had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Kirkland, Washington, two years ago after an attempted suicide. In the report, Hobson said Chanthabouly seemed confused and depressed at times. Chanthabouly was placed in a “crisis cell” his first night in jail to be monitored. Chanthabouly was taken in by police peacefully about two hours after the shooting while wandering around the neighborhood. His bail is set at one million dollars.