Letter to the editortreasure high school

Alright, so get this. I was taking a trip down memory lane the other day with my buddy Eric Foley, then I remembered high school. Oh man, those were the glory days! Am I right or am I right? I’m right, baby. You might be saying to yourself that the only reason Eric Foley and I enjoyed high school so much was because we basically ruled the school. I’ll admit that, we were pretty popular back in the day: homecoming court, varsity athletes in drill team (second place at State, baby) and tennis (no. 4 doubles, baby), members of the school’s Asian Culture Club (shout-out to my boys at the ACC!), editors of this very prestigious, award-winning newspaper, the list goes on and on. Close to the top of that list were the frigid Friday nights livin’ and dyin’ with the football team. And then after the game, goin’ to my buddy’s house to reminisce about how awesome that game was. But if you’re one those kids that aren’t into sports, you’re probably in the band. But hey, that’s cool too. I just want to say I loved it when you guys played the school fight song! Oh man, I loved that school fight song, it pumped me up almost as much as when I found out I was voted onto homecoming court! Another thing that totally rocked my socks during high school was the school schedule. Man that was awesome! There’s nothing like being around your best buds from 8a.m-3p.m. Nowadays, I never see anyone until at least 11a.m. What’s up with that? Granted, you might not have the same lifestyle as my crazy bud Eric Foley and I did back in the day. But enough about us. Even if you aren’t as popular or as good looking or as well-endowed as we were and still are, high school should still be the best four years of your life. If you don’t agree with me, just wait for prom, but we’ll get into that in a later letter. Still livin’ the dream baby!