The dating game

While football, basketball, wrestling and track get all the attention in sports sections, there’s one sport that most don’t even recognize as a sport—dating. Dating, as a sport, draws on characteristics of all types of athletic endeavors. It’s full contact, but requires grace and precision, and the game isn’t limited to one on one. There are no clear-cut playing fields, and there are no official rules. “If I were to compare dating to any sport,” said senior Logan Rupp, “I’d say it’s most like professional wrestling. It looks really tough, but everything is choreographed and played out flawlessly.” Just like in wrestling, dating isn’t limited to individual conpetition. A lot like a team match; daters can choose to go on double dates. Double dates are perfect for newcomers to the dating sport. They go in with a partner who has a similar goal in mind. If there are any awkward silences, where a date might otherwise fizzle out, the other party can pick up on the conversation and keep the date moving. “The double date is great for someone looking to get into the dating game,” Rupp said. “If I’m on a double date, I know my bro’s got my back if I get into a sticky situation. We’re both looking out for each other, and neither of us want it to go badly.” In dating it’s hard to find the clear-cut winners, but spotting a loser isn’t very hard. Prolonged periods of disinterested looks and poor conversation are good signs that someone dropped the ball. “There’s nothing funnier than watching someone strike out on a date,” Rupp said. “Especially at restaurants, once someone fumbles and nobody gets the date going again; the two are left going through the motions with no winner in sight.” Although dating is an all-inclusive sport, there are still plenty who choose not to participate. Dating proves a real challenge, and the cost of victory is too great for some. “Dating is so intense,” Senior Mark Gilarski said, “You’ve always got to bring your A game, and after a few sub par performances you’ll find yourself benched.” Although competitive dating has not yet made its way into the mainstream, reality shows like I Love New York and Rock of Love are paving the way for the competitive dating world. A sport of prestige and glory, dating has been a part of our culture for years. Though not for everyone, dating can prove challenging for those who seek its benefits. And maybe it’s time everyone starts seeing dating for what it is: a sport.