Sean's Senior Column

Right now I don’t really know what to think. On one hand, I am really happy that I am about to move on to the next step of my life, and am really excited for it. But on the other hand, I am sad that this experience is almost at an end. I’ve had some amazing times the last four years of my life and made great friendships. I feel like I’ve matured for the better over the past four years. I will remember so much: hockey games and practices, hanging out with friends, playing roller hockey after school with Jake Scebold and Austin Parle, skipping a day of school to go to a Chicago Cubs game with Zeke Musselman and Adam Tyler, going to Iowa State Basketball games with Pasha Beresnev, IBALL, IBOWL, chillgate, football and basketball games, but most importantly the relationships I have developed with everyone I’ve gotten to know. But now its time to leave these memories, whether I want or not. It’s time to prepare to start my life away from Ames. I will make new memories and form new relationships and hopefully not leave the ones I have made here. It’s hard to think that in four more years I will be leaving another milestone and heading off into a career, hopefully. Although I am sad that it has come to an end; I am happy I am opening a new chapter. I am excited to be moving out of my house on my own. I am looking forward earning a college education and hopefully moving far away from Iowa. I am excited for the college experience and, in strange way, for hardly making enough money to live on for four years. I guess I will end this with some thank you’s. Thank you to my parents for putting up with me. Thank you to my teachers, whether we have gotten along or not, for giving my your time. Thank you to my coaches for guiding me. And finally, thank you to all my friends for making these four years wonderful.