Ultimate Frisbeethe ultimate sport

Ultimate Frisbee has been the heart and soul of many Americans. Sadly, though, this incredible sport is not part of the NCAA; nor does it have a prestigious professional league. Instead, society sees ultimate as a mere source of recreation and relaxation. But it is time for the world to finally open its heart and appreciate Ultimate for its sheer greatness and potential. But in order to enlighten the world, we have to start by making Ultimate Frisbee an intramural sport at the high school and the collegiate level. Ultimate is a simple sport that doesn’t have a lot of rules. You pass around a Frisbee until one team catches it in the end zone. Naturally, its simplicity alone has attracted many fanatics. Even better, it’s not hard to get absorbed into the Ultimate atmosphere. And it doesn’t take long for someone’s Frisbee skills and passion to blossom. At Ames High, Ultimate is very popular, especially among the juniors and seniors, who participated as two separate teams in the Iowa Summer Games in Ultimate this summer. Even though that chapter ended with the utter domination of the seniors over the juniors in their final game, both teams gave it their all with performances of heart and teamwork throughout the whole tournament. At Ames High, we take great pride in our athletic program. Ultimate would be the opportunity for us to become its juggernaut if it becomes an intramural sport, because Ames has many people with special talents in Frisbee. James Fang, who plays Ultimate with the seniors, said, “if ultimate becomes a school sport, the world would become a better place, and living would be more worthwhile.” When a small idea like this comes along, it’s hard to avoid the thought of something much greater. What if Ultimate becomes an NCAA sport? “I would absolutely flip out,” said Daniel Lanning, who also plays Ultimate a lot. Similarly, other Ames Ultimate fanatics responded with great enthusiasm to this idea. Even though colleges already have intramural clubs, popularizing Ultimate by incorporating it into the NCAA would greatly expand its potential, turning America into the Ultimate powerhouse of the world. Some of you would say that I’m crazy and that Ultimate would never evolve into the type of sport that I imagine it to be. But the truth is inevitable. Ultimate, sooner or later, will make its way to dominance. And as one of the most prestigious high schools in the U.S., it is part of our duty to revolutionize this amazing sport that is greatly overlooked.