David: the suave whistle-toting heartthrob

You’ve seen him charging to midfield like a white knight, a suave heartthrob whose whistle pierces the air as he twirls his scepter in flawless synchronization with his drum major partner. You’ve watched in envy, questioning how one man could own so much: a beautiful tenor voice, an even more beautiful face, a beautiful personality, and a beautiful array of skills. But as you sit, completely engrossed with junior David Shirbroun and his captivating halftime performance, you know that if you were in his shoes, you would explode. Some would claim that Shirbroun possesses extraterrestrial qualities, but Shirbroun dismisses such allegations with a scoff trademarked as "David Shirbroun’s call of distress". This is comparable to the scream of an ordinary human being, but several elements are injected to match the extraordinary nature of Shirbroun’s existence. Despite this, Shirbroun insists there is nothing special about him. "I am just like everyone else," he said. "I just try to be a good guy." The upcoming Madrigal performance in December presented an interesting problem for Shirbroun: how could he watch others courteously serve people while he was partaking in the medieval festivities. However, a decision was quickly reached. "I serve the people by singing," noted Shirbroun, a fact that any who have heard his voice can attest to. The fall semester marked a new experience for Shirbroun – acting as drum major for the marching band. "I enjoyed getting to know the people in the band," Shirbroun said. The marching band has never sounded as good as it does under Shirbroun’s leadership. "I didn’t go to any football games, but the marching band spectacular was indeed spectacular," senior Rebecca Miller said. David is also working towards the completion of his ultimate goal: to make the world a better place. However, he has found a way to revive the ancient concept of chivalry and succeed in affecting people. His gentlemanly behavior and inherent humility slowly melt the hardest of hearts and fill the remaining chasm with the bubbling mixture of love and good will. Many have experienced the simple urge to simply sing aloud, something that Shirbroun can often be heard doing himself. Shirbroun’s task of creating an uplifting atmosphere in the world is accomplished one person at a time. Junior Ryan Tucker said that, although he has found the influence of Shirbroun’s gentlemanliness circumstantial, "At times it has been very comforting." The unconditional care that Shirbroun employs in his dealings with his peers has set a new precedent that few can match. It has been said that David Shirbroun is the inevitable Homecoming King, but to say that is an understatement. Look for him to conquer the entire planet in the next 20 years, and then, with magnanimous regard, make it the place that all wish they could create.