Hulu: decent

You’ve missed your favorite television program. You could ask your friend who utilized DVR to see it, but you don’t want to seem like such a tool; if only there were a better way! Fortunately for you, there is: Hulu. You may have been burned by Youtube and its low quality incompleteness, but Hulu is sure to be a whole new experience if you will give it a chance. There is virtually no program unfindable on Hulu (besides American Idol ), making it the ultimate catch-up tool. From The Simpsons to The Colbert Report , Hulu has it all, and not low quality half-episodes, either, but full-length episodes. However, the usefulness of Hulu does not stop with television. Movies have joined the movement. Feature films, trailers, and full-length movies can all be viewed on Hulu. This raises the question, "Is there anything Hulu can’t do?" Truthfully, yes. Hulu cannot help you make good use of your time. In fact, it works against that. Hulu also cannot keep you entertained at school, because it is filtered, which means your plans to catch up on Xena or whatever have been thwarted again (well, actually Hulu doesn’t have Xena anyway). Despite this, Hulu could change your life. Imagine television waiting until you are ready for it; imagine having fewer commercial interruptions; imagine watching The Office while Saturday Night Live buffers. One could call it "better than television," because it is.