Intramural sports introduce, iQuidditch, welcome back iBadminton.

Ever since intramural sports were created, students have had the chance to feel like stars on a real team. It has been Ames High’s way of letting less athletically gifted students be a part of something. iBall, by far the most popular of the iSports, has received endless popularity since it was first created. More recently was iPong which gained some popularity two years ago. Last year iBad joined the iSports family and this year iQuidditch joins. iBad made its debut last year and had great success with junior founders Ann Ku and Anuradha Gore. “Last year we had 50 members, this year we hope to have 60ish.” Ku laughed. “We actually hope to have 100! The more the merrier! Well, maybe that’s too much…” iBad plans on changing things up a bit this year. Last year, iBad was casually run where people showed up, grabbed a racquet, and started hitting birdies for an hour. This year, they plan on having students registering for competitions. They also plan on having exotic events. “We don’t like to limit ourselves to just badminton.” Gore said. I recall that they had an Easter Egg hunt that was scheduled for a Thursday, but ended up being moved to Friday because they had an egg shortage. Thanks for the notification! They also had a day specialized for wearing Asian-styled clothing. Junior Lindsey Tucker wore a kimono last year and ended up getting an Asian pencil and eraser for her effort. iQuidditch makes it’s debut this year with senior founders Ellen Thiel and Ella Holme. I’m sure many of you are asking, “How exactly does one play Quidditch? We aren’t in the magical world of Harry Potter!” “It’s basically just regular Quidditch but tweaked a bit for us plain muggles,” Thiel said. Instead of riding real flying brooms, players have to carry a broom under their legs. “This is actually a lot harder than it sounds!” There are three chasers per team, (people who throw a ball called the quaffle through rings for points); two beaters, (who throw balls at people to take them out of the game temporarily) two keepers, (who protect the rings) and seekers, who try to catch the snitch. They use small Nerf balls for the bludgers and a small bouncy ball for the quaffle. For the snitch, Ella Holme’s favorite part of the game, they use a runner dressed up in a golden spandex suit. Jackson Griffith was the snitch last year. Seekers then try to grab a flag off of the snitch. Games will played iBall style, teams meeting every Saturday to play against each other. Thiel added that Quidditch is played in over 300 schools across the nation including Ivy League schools. “We would like to extend a kind hand of friendly rivalry to iQuidditch.” Ku and Gore said. iQuidditch watch out! You’ve got some competition! Whichever team comes out on top, none can deny that this year’s iSports will be more exciting than ever.