How hipsters adapt to winter

The elusive hipster is one of nature’s greatest mysteries. Do they exist? Where do they dwell? How do they survive the cold months? Contrary to popular belief, they are real. During the winter, however, they are more difficult to spot than usual; they stay underground. “I only brave the cold when I’m walking to the nearest coffee shop,” senior Melanie Chang said. The standard dress of the hipster is easy enough to spot while out and about. Tight pants, v-necks, plaid, and ironic statements are typical. Chang and senior Jessica Jacobson agree that circle, or infinity, scarves are essential to stay warm. However, staying warm is often not a priority for these folk. “Hipsters in the winter wear tights because being hip is more important than practicality,” Jacobson said. Though many of these options seem impractical for winter, there are more choices than one would expect. “Thick wooly socks to keep my feet warm when biking in this weather,” says Chang. “And def a peacoat. I have to look good and be warm at the same time.” Layers are a must to stay warm for all. “I wear sweaters, leggings, huge scarves, boots, and knee-high socks,” says Jacobson. Of course, staying inside… er, underground… is always the best choice. “I hide underground,” says Chang. “Physically and metaphorically. In places normal people have never heard of.” Clearly, hipster hunting is a difficult activity when it’s cold. Lastly, hipsters tend to engage in obscure activities to stay occupied, such as curling, taking super neat black-and-white photographs, and making ironic statements to prove they’re more hip than others. “I snuggle with cats and hibernate,” says Jacobson. “It’s pretty underground.”