Teacher Love

The Engelkes

How did you meet?

Some mutual friends thought we’d be perfect for each other, so they introduced us. Two years later (to the day of meeting), we got married.

What is your favorite hipster couple activity?

Mostly, we enjoy reading and drinking coffee together. Sometimes, we read books out loud to each other. As one of my freshmen once said, “You two must be the most boring couple ever!”

How often do you whisper sweet Middle English nothings?

Every day. Just kidding….not very often. I request the prologue to Canterbury Tales every once in awhile, but I actually had never heard it in its entirety until he performed it for the Brit Lit classes.

The Sullivans

How did your HISTORY begin?

Mr. Sullivan and I met in the village of Ida Grove, in western Iowa. His first teaching/coaching job was with the Ida Grove schools and I am a graduate of IGHS. Historically speaking, we have known each other for 20 years!

How much CHEMISTRY do you have?

Although not prone to over-reacting, Mr. Sullivan and I have true relationship equilibrium. He is the excess reactant that fuels the stoichiometry of our lives. I always advise goggles and the ever-fashionable lab coat when considering chemistry.

The Jurgensens

How did you meet?

On a blind date.

Mrs. Jurgensen, what’€™s your favorite Spanish love phrase?

Me gusta multiplicar contigo.

Mr. Jurgensen, on a scale of 1 to Kim Kardashian, how sweet is Mrs. Jurgensen’€™s Angle Side Side?

[Kim Kardashian’€™s] isn’€™t as great as [Mrs. Jurgensen’s], so she is off that scale.