Media Center Blues

A high school is considered a place where all students are to feel welcome and accepted. However, when a student strolls into the Media Center to study and is greeted by a lack of chairs at tables and told to leave, students may find this generalization to be far from the truth. There is a well-known rule that all Media Center inhabitants have come to learn the hard way: if there are more than four students sitting at a table, it is guaranteed a librarian will firmly tell you to get up and leave. And if every table is “full,” a student is told to go somewhere else to study, wherever that may be. “Students can go to the cafeteria to study. Or the courtyard when it’s nice out,” head of media center Kirsti Minion said. The cafeteria and courtyard tend to be noisy, dirty, and prone to accidental spills. They also lack computers, printers, and reference books that are considerably helpful while doing homework. But when the Media Center is over capacity, students have no other options. Regardless, It is important to keep in mind that it is not just the Media Center that has capacity restraints. “Every building in the city has a posted capacity limit. The city is required to post these limits in larger rooms,” Minion said. Perhaps the Media Center needs to expand or allow students to study in the Multi-Purpose Room when the Media Center becomes too full. Until then, students will have to face the current conditions. “It’s not fair. I just want a place to do my AP Calculus, APLAC, AP Euro, and AP Physics homework,” junior Daniel Vigil said. “How am I supposed to maintain my 4.3 GPA if I don’t have an adequate place to study?” It is clear that students are fed up. Something needs to be done to change this situation, or the faculty might find themselves with an aggravated student body ready to rally for their rights. “I feel really sad when there isn’t any room at any of the tables. All I want to do is sit with my boyfriend. Just kidding,” junior Rachel Dieter said. The Media Center’s capacity rules inhibit students’ studying and tear couples apart. Unfortunately for students, the Media Center is required by law to have a capacity limit. Since there is currently nothing that can be done to change this rule, students need to respect the orders they receive to find a new place to do their homework and research.