Ames Racquet and Fitness offers a comfortable atmosphere to exercise

Fitness. Without a doubt, exercise is important. If you don’t exercise, you will get fat. And with graduation parties looming in the near future, it is vital to shed extra calories before digging into those sheet cakes and chocolate fountains. The first step is to find a place to work out. For some, jogging through town is sufficient. But for others, the risk of being seen huffing and puffing while pitting out is too nightmarish to get off their couches. Alas, Ames Racquet and Fitness (ARF) comes to the rescue, providing citizens with a comfortable atmosphere to get toned and trim. ARF has three locations in Ames to better suit the needs of individuals. The “North” location is in Somerset, the “South” location is near Fuji, and the “West” location is close to Perfect Games. Upon finding a location, the next step is to (surprise, surprise) purchase a membership! While these may seem expensive, think about all of the health bills you will be dealing with later in life if you don’t take care of your body now. Apparently, ARF charges about $60 per month. Some would consider this a rip off. Maybe it is. But still, it isn’t cheap to look good. Once you have established your membership, you must walk inside, where you will find rows upon rows of beautiful machinery designed to work your body until it looks like all of those pictures you see on Pinterest. You will get sweaty and possibly cry. If you need a little encouragement, consider trying one of the many fitness classes. These classes range from cardio dancing to yogalates and are open to all levels. They are led by a trained instructor who will guide you through the routine and offer words of wisdom to guide you along your fitness journey. For those of you who enjoy the splendors of television, have no fear. Working out can be entertaining, too! Small TVs are mounted to each exercise device, enabling fitness gurus to watch whatever guilty pleasures (Keeping Up with the Kardashians? What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Long Island Medium? Jeopardy?) they please. Whether you are a graduating senior attempting to avoid the dreaded freshman 15, or a naive little freshman with low self-confidence, ARF has something to offer everyone. The chance to reinvent yourself only comes around once in a lifetime. Do you want to be the one in those inspiring before and after pictures? Then take this chance. Be bold. You won’t regret it. Maybe we’ll see you there!