The Fall Play


Queen Victoria , Reporter

This year’s fall play is The Trouble With Cats by Gary Ray Stapp. When asked what sort of person is going to love this show? Mr. Woolery said “Audiences who like farce comedies or community theatre comedies.” He then went on to say that the two most challenging about bringing the script to life are “The amount of lines the main leads have to learn, and since high school students are portraying adult characters making the characters believable.”
When asked who should not come see this show? He responded with “This is a PG rated show for slightly mature humor.” Next Mr. Woolery was asked: What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show? He responded with “The elaborate set, the quality of the performance, and “Chakras.””He was then asked: how is this production bringing something new to this story? He responded with This is a contemporary story of when generational interests clash.

Next he was asked: What’s going to surprise people about this show? He responded with, “Yoga and the plot twists.” He was then asked: Which is the best night to come? He said “Both nights.”
When asked: Call someone out by name: who must come see this production? He said “Jill Zmolek.” When asked: Who has the best costume? He said “Either Jill Schoenrock, (Sunshine) or Samantha Camacho (Onie).” Lastly he was asked: Who in the show is most like their character? “Jonathan Watt (Nelson). Definitely!” And Who’s the least? He replied “Lucas Berg (Phillip)”