Why do we worship football?

Why do we worship football?

Conor Burke-Smith, Editor-In-Chief December 16, 2013

I love Ames High. I highly appreciate everything about the students, teachers and resources at our school. If I could choose to redo high school anywhere in the world, I would decide to go here. But that...

The courtyard stands empty on a sunny day.

Student’s Lunchtime Problems

With the courtyard closed, students have to find a new place to eat.
Conor Burke-Smith, Editor-In-Chief November 11, 2013

A few weeks ago, students were banned from eating their lunches in the courtyard, forcing them to scatter to several different locations across Ames High. Most of the students that used to eat in the...

Robin Thicke and the degeneration of our society

Robin Thicke and the degeneration of our society

Conor, Editor-In-Chief September 25, 2013

In recent news, “Blurred Lines” singer and songwriter Robin Thicke hasn’t apologized yet. While colleges and feminist groups across the country desperately try to fight rape culture, Thicke has taken...

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