Rob Binghams Senior Column

Rob Bingham’s Senior Column

Rob Bingham, Online Editor May 21, 2014

As I stare at the ever growing face of apathy, that is the final semester of one’s Senior year, I can’t help but notice the amalgam of learning experiences, the past four years have been. My family...

From the spark, into a roaring flame

From the spark, into a roaring flame

Rob Bingham, Online Editor March 28, 2014

After touring with Bastille, Grizfolk released it’s debut EP From the Spark, February 25. It’s hard to describe their music because at times it sounded like southern-folk-rock’ish, while other times...

Her: a digital love story

Her: a digital love story

Rob Bingham, Online Editor January 10, 2014

The opening shots of Her show Joaquin Phoenix declaring his love to someone unknown, and it is quickly revealed that his character works for a futuristic company that sells “handwritten” letters. This...

Doctor Who turns 50

Doctor Who turns 50

Rob Bingham, Online Editor December 12, 2013

TL;DR, 8/10 Would watch again. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS (read at your own risk) Cancel all weekend plans, they said. Mark it in your diaries, they cried. For the day is nigh. "Our future depends on one single...

PEP assembly video AMAZING

PEP assembly video “AMAZING”

September 5, 2013

PEP assembly video 'AMAZING'

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