Akshata’s Senior Column

Akshata's Senior Column
October 8, 2020

I have been sitting in front of my computer for the past hour just thinking about how hard it is to write about myself.  If I’m being honest it still feels like I took honors world studies like a few...

All Inked Up: Special Meanings Behind Teacher’s Tattoos

March 4, 2020

Ms. Havens Our new FCS teacher at Ames High is fond of meaningful and inspiring tattoos! Ms. Havens has three tattoos; the first one she got is behind her ankle bone, which is a cross, and the bible...

Mandatory Naptime!

The WEB staff taking a nap after a tiring day.
March 3, 2020

As I struggle to keep my eyes open for one more class period, my head starts pounding heavily. It is not because I don’t understand anything that the teacher is saying but because I haven’t had a good...

Sparkman: A bird finally set free..

May 22, 2019

From derivatives and integrals to chain rules, Stuart Sparkman has saved every struggling AP Calculus student at this school. Mostly known as the “Calc God” by several students, Sparkman has been around...


April 18, 2019

92 seconds. That is how often a person is sexually assaulted in this country, be it a 12-year-old or a 50-year-old. Junior co-leaders of SASHA (Students against Sexual Harassment and Abuse) Victoria Kyvergya...

Salty Stereotypes

March 26, 2019

  “Is BuTtEr a CaRb?” These famous words were uttered by THE Regina George when Mean Girls came out in 2004. The strange portrayal of high school in that movie made a lot of us question...

Mason Jar Jason

February 13, 2019

Most of us have grown up watching High School Musical or have at least expected High School to be a tad bit like the movies. But in reality, we all know by now that that isn’t the case. Freshman...

Here’s the tea about Ames Boba.

Here's the tea about Ames Boba.
December 14, 2018

It has been a tiresome day and the only thing that you need is a refreshment. You reach out to grab the chilled drink and take a sip of the icy and flavorful milk and the flavor of tea just flows all in...

Deam the Queen

November 29, 2018

Ever heard of superwoman? Not too difficult when we have one at Ames High. You might see her in the language hallway saying, Hallo, Bonjour, or Hola. She is the only teacher at Ames High that has taught...

Students find hidden plus options

Students in Mrs. Piatz's Plus enjoy a game of spoons.
October 19, 2018

Extra help, test make-ups and homework help can all be done in the 30 minutes of plus period that we have. If you are like me, choosing a plus period is harder than you think. If you don’t have anything...

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