Stephanie and Serenas bricks, captured on DJs wall.

Serena Paulson: An Editor from the Past

Sofia Mamakos, Editor-in-Chief (Outreach) October 21, 2021

Many attempts have been made to contact the names on the bricks. From email to Facebook messenger, to searches on the alumni website; finding these people sometimes feels impossible. Though many are unresponsive,...

Madeline Topf: What stories lie within the walls of Ames High?

Madeline Topf: What stories lie within the walls of Ames High?

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter September 27, 2021

For decades The Web has been the glue that holds Ames High together. All controversies captured in an electronic time machine, 2 clicks away at all times. However, one might question, how did these stories...

Mr. Peterson captured in his natural habitat, the weights room.

Mr. Peterson: PE Teacher and Coach

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter September 10, 2021

Mr. Peterson, one of the many new young and friendly faces of Ames High, started his 2nd year of teaching this year as a Weights PE teacher, football coach, and strength and conditioning coach for athletics...

A side by side comparison of the old 11 inch MacBook Airs, to the new third-generation Google Chromebooks.

New Year, New Computers

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter January 28, 2021

The Ames High MacBooks, for many years, have been through thick and thin. Traveling from student to student, these computers have seen lots of life. They have satisfied countless assignments, yet recently...

An overhead view of the band on their October 3rd spectacular performance.

Marching On!

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter December 3, 2020

Before the sun had reached the horizon, and the cold September wind blew icy through the air, the Ames High Marching Band students and directors (who would much rather still be in bed), reluctantly trudged...

Tiktok: Is it worth the hype?

Tiktok: Is it worth the hype?

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter October 10, 2020

Fourteen missing assignments, fifteen new due dates, and two essays to write in the span of three days–the workload of a high school student. 165 unread emails and a big fat pile of dirty laundry scattered...

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