Mr. Grapp in his classroom.

Mr. Grapp: The Start of a Teaching Journey

Leola Almquist, Editor September 24, 2021

A new face pops in and out of Mr. Schmidt's old room. Mr. Grapp is the new English teacher here at Ames High. While Mr. Grapp is new to Ames High, this also happens to be Grapp's first year in the profession.  “It's...

Photo credit: ACSD

Mr. Fedders: Ames High’s New Activities Director

Jack Wanamaker and Leola Almquist September 24, 2021

“I love sports, let’s just be honest,” says Mr. Fedders, Ames High’s new Activities Director. Prior to his arrival at Ames High on July 1, Fedders was over at Des Moines East for eight years.  “Des...

Mr. Gorman

Gorman the Great

2021 Staff Retirement
Leola Almquist, Editor June 10, 2021

The singular orange classroom in the building, Mr. Gorman’s room is practically an Ames High spirit room, but with a calming effect. Stepping foot in the room, Little Cyclone pride rubs off onto you....

Mr. Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt: The Road Home

2021 Staff Retirement
Leola Almquist, Editor June 7, 2021

Leaning on one of the round tables that vertically furnish the English halls, Mr. Schmidt smiles at the students passing while simultaneously congregating with his neighbors: Mr. Ripley, Mrs. Engelkes,...

More than Farming

More than Farming

Leola Almquist, Editor April 18, 2021

Agricultural classes arrived at Ames High with a sidekick: FFA. From a literal stance, FFA translates to Future Farmers of America. Farming, we think pigs, cows, corn, John Deere tractors; basic Iowa agriculture...

Image by Amy Hirschi and Pixabay

A Note on Typing Notes

Leola Almquist, Editor March 4, 2021

It’s always on one of those dense material days where it's beneficial to write down everything taught in class. Before you have time to decide how to take notes, the script is recited: “studies show...

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