2018 Senior Send-Off

Victoria Ostendorf, Queen

May 23, 2018

The Senior Sendoff survey was a part of the exit surveys given by AHS professional school counselors May 8–14, 2018. Students had the option to not  have their information printed in The WEB. This is NOT an official list of Ames High graduates.

Nancy Torkildson

Nancy Torkildson

Lucas Bleyle, Co-editor in Chief

May 22, 2018

Ever since she began swimming at the Ames High School Pool in the 1960’s, Nancy Torkildson knew she wanted to be a teacher.   “When I started teaching there were still teachers here that I had had,” Torkildson said. She described having to call her former teachers, now fellow colleagues, b...

Plus Period cancelled for rest of year

Lucas, Co-editor in Chief

April 25, 2018

On Monday April 16th, for the first time in nearly three years, as the bell sounded students spilled into the hallways headed directly from their 6th to their 7th period classroom. “It felt a little empty, like something was definitely missing,” said junior Abbas Kusow.  The administration...

Science at Ames High: Path 3 and the way forward

Science at Ames High: Path 3 and the way forward

Oliver Chen, Reporter

March 30, 2018

By the eighth grade, Aidan Diggins-Kennedy knew his future belonged in STEM. With his strong interest in science and engineering, the challenge of a new, specialized science pathway for high achieving and STEM bound students made him a natural candidate. It came as no surprise that when applications...

SACRE Sock Hop

SACRE Sock Hop

Petr Karpov, Reporter

February 15, 2018

Buckle up kiddos, emerging onto the scene of high school dances is a new contender. No, Winter Formal isn’t back but we’re about to get something just as good: the SACRE Sock Hop. The leaders of SACRE, or Students Activating Civil Rights Education, have been cultivating this idea since November, and a...



Dominik McDonald, Reporter

January 4, 2018

As winter arrives, so do the annual traditions of Ames High. When you think of these Ames High winter traditions, one of the first that comes to mind is Madrigal. This tradition unites musicians and performers from chorus, drama, orchestra, band and never fails to stun audiences. Madrigal is a re...

A Peek Into Scratch Pad

Scratchpad members from the 1963 yearbook judge submitted pieces of literature for publication: Mrs. Thompson, S. Feamster, S. Armstrong, M. Walkup, C. Kirk, P. Routh

Oliver Chen, Reporter

December 19, 2017

A strange phenomena occurs each year within the English and Art class rooms - Disguised on top of cabinets, desks, and tables, the ominous presence of rectangular plastic tubs can only mean one thing - Scratch Pad submissions are open. A student run literary and visual arts magazine, Scratch Pad pub...

Teacher’s Hidden Talents: Around the World with Klass

Teacher's Hidden Talents: Around the World with Klass

Selaam Dollisso, Online Managing Editor

December 18, 2017

Inside Daniel Klass’s drawer lies a book weathered from over twenty years of age. What’s left of the teal cover reveals the book to be an Arabic-English dictionary, the very first Klass bought while beginning his studies in Arabic in D.C. After moving from a state school in California for his bachelor...

Ames All-State Excellence

Ames Band 2016 All-State participants (photo courtesy of band director Chris Ewan)

Dominik McDonald, Reporter

November 16, 2017

Students rush to the side of the gymnasium as a volunteer comes out with a sheet of paper. As he tapes it against the bleachers, people begin screaming, crying and jumping with joy. The paper holds a listing of who was accepted for a certain instrument. Now, repeat that process dozens of times over a ...

Sullivan for the win

Sullivan for the win

Lucas Bleyle, Co-Editor in Chief

November 14, 2017

Aileen Sullivan stands at the front of the classroom in a lab coat, goggles framing her eyes , and ear muffs clasped over her ears. In an outstretched arm she holds a meter stick, at the end of which is a lit match, reaching out towards an orange balloon. The students hold their ears in anticipation...