Voluptuous Vincent Montabon


Quick Facts:

Favorite letter: V (for Vendetta)

Favorite pizza topping: Pineapple

Favorite Beatles song: Here Comes the Sun

Vincent Montabon is a man of many talents. He claims to be a better racer than the great Usain Bolt, but only when they are racing submarines. Vincent bakes many delectable treats, most famously his palatable scotcheroos. His trolling skills are legendary.


Vincent is involved in Cross Country, band, and Parallel. In his free time, Vincent likes to troll, surf Reddit, and play disc golf. Trolling is truly an art, and it plays a very important role in Vincent’s life.


“I enjoy making other people frustrated. Seeing how they react is really fun!” Said Vincent.


The name “Vincent” is, in a word, suave. It simply rolls off the tongue. Still, many of Vincent’s peers have come up with nicknames for him. Some of the most used nicknames include Montaballer (based off his last name), Vinny, and Montawantawantabog.


Many of Vincent’s friends are familiar with the green triangle necklace which hangs around his neck, but nobody knows what it means. Vincent said it doesn’t have any special meaning.


“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s jade, and I got it while I was in New Zealand. People say it makes me look like a surfer. If they saw me surf they wouldn’t say that.”


Vincent said he is looking forward to the end of the school year. He said he can’t wait to go outside and not have to worry about freezing to death.


“[I’m looking forward to] being able to go outside for more than five minutes without getting frostbite,” said Vincent.

Vincent’s goals this year include baking more things and actually going to grad parties this spring instead of blowing them off. The next time you have a craving for scotcheroos or you need a disc golf buddy, Vincent is the man to call.