Student’s Lunchtime Problems

With the courtyard closed, students have to find a new place to eat.


The courtyard stands empty on a sunny day.

A few weeks ago, students were banned from eating their lunches in the courtyard, forcing them to scatter to several different locations across Ames High.

Most of the students that used to eat in the cafeteria now eat in the library. This arrangement seems to work, although it can disrupt the quiet-study atmosphere that the library usually has.

“The library can be pretty loud at lunchtime,” says senior Eunice Kong. “Sometimes it’s hard to study.”

Many students miss the  exercise they used to get from Four-square. For those who are not aware, Four-square is a highly competitive sport only practiced during both lunches in the courtyard.

Now that the courtyard is off-limits, Four-square is as well.

“Four-square was the bomb-diggity,” says sophomore Moe Elsadig mournfully. “I miss Four-square like I miss my fro’ when I get it cut.”

Some people actually don’t find this to be a huge problem. “I don’t like fun,” says Paul Opheim. Opheim sees no large problem with leaving the courtyard for the season.

“The courtyard is dirty and overrated,” Opheim went on to say.

Others extremely miss the fresh air and  the feeling of just being outside and in-touch with nature.

“‘I think I’m developing asthma from the lack of fresh air that I’m getting,” says senior Kendall Stow.

“Although for some eating outside in 50 degree temperatures may be uncomfortable, for me, it’s something I look forward to every day.”