The Next Chapter: Ames Public Library’s Grand Re-Opening

The Next Chapter: Ames Public Librarys Grand Re-Opening

Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

Summer usually brings the groan of overwhelming amounts of road construction. But this fall, Ames residents have a building project to look forward to.

The Ames Public Library has been located in the downtown Ames area since 1907. During the renovations, the library’s original location was closed. The library packed up their wares and took up temporary shop in a commercial building just a half mile away.

The building of 2014 addition will include big changes in books and other resources, children’s areas, community rooms, and general square footage.

The Renewal Project, with just under a $20 million dollar price tag, will expand the original building’s size from 48,000 to 77,455 square feet.

Anticipation about the re-opening is building throughout the community and Ames High.

“I looking forward to exploring the new building and seeing how it is organized,” said senior Katie Peteresen. “It’ll be interesting to see all of the new resources.”

The Grand Re-Opening of the Ames public library is scheduled to be September 14, 2014.

This re-opening has included a series of events for City of Ames. First a “Book Brigade” was held. Community members gathered along to pass 14 ‘moving’ themed books from the Duff location to the renovated building on Douglas. Following the brigade, a small festival was held at Bandshell.

Second, a Re-Opening Gala was held September 5th. The party gave residents of Ames the opportunity to have a chance to explore the new building before the official reveal. The formal event was full of silent auction items and entertainment. The gala was a hit and achieved it’s goal of building excitement for the grand re-opening.

Senior Conor Johnson was able to briefly look inside the new building on September 4th. “The building is more modern than I expected,” Johnson said. He was also impressed with the interior architectural design.

“I really like how they incorporated the old building into the new one.”

The Ames Public Library has had renovation dreams for the past 25 years, and it is easy for them to give the public a few main reasons why the time is right for this big change. “We are out of shelf space, library use is among the highest in the nation, to maintain better safety and security, working to fit requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the need for more/better meeting spaces,” according to their press release statement.

In a day and age where technology and mass media surround culture, the library becomes more than just an exchange system of books.

“It’s easier to study there. It’s nice to have a place outside of my room where I can get some serious work done,” said senior Forrest Oh.

Hundreds of Ames organizations and groups use the library as resources for meetings, information, study space, events, movie nights, club fairs, etc.

The Ames Public Library also offers central locations for youth summer programs and other educational programs to promote literacy education and a love of reading.

The Library will be welcomed back into the community with open arms September 14. Even as the types of resources may be changing, the Ames Public Library is evolving along with it.