Dr. Strange Review

Dr. Strange is a very different movie than what I was expecting from a Marvel movie. For frame of reference I have no experience with this character from the comics, in fact, I had very little knowledge about this movie going in. I was going in blind and was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s talk about high points. The movie was very fun. There was very few scenes where I was feeling like the movie was dragging or was rushing through parts so the pace was excellent for me. Another strong point for the movie where many others fail was with magic. Introducing magic into a story as a main theme is almost always a can of worms; however, this movie makes it work through internal consistency and grounding the magic in real world logic. The movie had a lot of the stuff you would normally expect from a large studio like Mavel: good actors, good writing, references to themselves, all that good stuff.

The movie’s weakest point, for me, was the villain. He was the weakest main character for me. He didn’t get very many lines. His motivation was overdone to the extreme. And he even looked stereotypically bad with the “evil” symbol marked on his forehead. In all honesty, he wasn’t that extremely bad, but when compared to the rest of the cast, he just isn’t even given a chance.

In all, I enjoyed the movie. It was a good movie to watch if you want a summer action movie with some more intellectual themes.