Jethro’s BBQ


Dominik McDonald, Reporter

Ever since Jethro’s BBQ’s appearance on Man vs. Food, the famed restaurant has been sought after by fans all across the country. Recently, a Jethro’s franchise opened in Ames where Aldi’s previously was. Will it live up to the hype and nation-wide attention?

As I entered, I noticed a very similar wall structure to the previously occupied Aldi’s. The layout of a grocery store and restaurant do not mix well. My first impression was being seated in, essentially, a wooden, wall-less and windowless cafeteria smothered by 18 TVs. 18!

Despite this atmospheric hinderance, the customer service compensated for it. I was always greeted with a grin, a “Vote for Jethro’s” shirt, and very friendly waitresses serving up witty humor and a smile.

Jethro’s is known primarily for its meat, so I entered with high expectations. Seeing the server come with your food is a satisfying experience, but at Jethro’s, it was more intimidating than anything. Seeing a heap of meat and fries in a huge portion frightened my appetite. No one I have been to Jethro’s with has come close to finishing their meal, but there were scarier things than the portions.

The Brisket Bacon was lukewarm at best and the coleslaw had no flavor at all. However, there’s a reason for the “BBQ” in “Jethro’s BBQ”. The meat was used in almost every single menu item. Thankfully, it was decently prepared enough to be the positive aspect of my meal.

Overall, I would not recommend Jethro’s BBQ location in Ames. There are far superior restaurants even in Ames. The most compelling factor was the atmosphere and effort in preparing the food. When you’re eating a cold sandwich in a cafeteria immersed in ten different ESPN channels, you don’t want to come back.