New Faculty

Meet the new faculty at Ames High

Ezra Shirtcliff, WEB Staff

Associate principal

Brian Carico

My primary responsibilities include attendance, discipline, testing, AP and student services.  This is my 22 year as a school administrator. I have been a school administrator in Des Moines, Johnston, Indianola, Waukee school districts.  I have also worked at Grand View University as a student teaching coordinator and I worked for DMACC as the 

Education Coordinator for the Newton Correctional Facility.  

I love my job and working with kids in the school setting is very rewarding and fun. I have found that if I am energetic, friendly, and supportive I have more success in reaching students and helping those that need some guidance and encouraging those that are doing well. Fun fact is that I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.  My family and I go to at least two games a season (one on the road and one in St. Louis) and I was at Busch Stadium in 2011 when the Rally Squirrel ran across the field! I don’t host any groups but I do plan on attending and working with Mr. Webb and the mental health group. My plans at this time is that I will retire from the Ames Community School District. I know that will not be next year

Nikki Eggert

I teach Spanish; So many students signed up for world language classes this year that AHS needed another Spanish teacher. That is very exciting! I really enjoy teaching first-year students because I love the opportunity to introduce them to the language and to see them grow quickly in their understanding of it. Fun fact: Teaching is my second career. After high school, I went to ISU and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. I worked at General Motors for several years. Later I went back to ISU to study Spanish.

Jeanine Piatz

When I was much younger, I use to have a summer job where I performed on stage in a Melodrama 3 times a day. I played Penelope.I do not yet host a club BUT I would like to and I am open to suggestions! :)I was hired as a one-year chemistry teacher but I hope to have the opportunity to stay longer.I teach 2 classes: Foundations of Chemistry & Advanced Chemistry. I love teaching chemistry. I have a Bachelors of Science in chemistry. I believe being an informed citizen with a basic knowledge of chemistry & an understanding of how the world works is crucial to the future success and sustainability of our society, country, and world.

Josh Gorman

I’m very fortunate to be teaching ELP at Ames High. My favorite part of teaching is seeing students succeed at goals they set for themselves. In my short time here, I’ve met so many students that want to pursue various ambitions and I get to assist and watch the pursuit happen.In August 2018 I got my dream job at the best high school in the world, saw the Chicago Cubs get a win, adopted a dog, and got engaged to the most amazing woman on the planet.

I recently took over the sponsor position of AHS SHOUT, and I’m so lucky to have some amazing seniors take the lead in such a well-run club. I am also in the process of sponsoring AMS MAT, a mentor and tutor club designed by some phenomenal juniors whose goal is to create a program for high school students to assist middle school students academically, emotionally, and socially.Unless someone puts a stop to staff popcorn Friday’s, I will be here for as long as possible.