Hayley Martens
Hayley is somehow a senior at Ames High this year and an ENFP. She is also one of the oldest veterans in The Web but neither her responsibilities nor her writing reflect that. Basically, here to just go with the flow and enjoy the banter. You can find me walking in the woods or sitting in a blanket fort watching a horror movie and anything inbetween. I have numerous natural habitats, but know I won’t be there for long, my attention span is short and my phases fast. Here are a few things that I truly love: dance parties with my best friends, laughing till I almost throw up, cold rainy days, filling nail and assorted holes in walls, wearing my footed onesie, all mexican food, laying on wet grass and looking at the stars, showing so hot I come out medium rare and finally personality types. I am in a good mood 99% of the time because I am excellent at repression and live by the words “don’t worry about it” trademarked by the excellent Tifany Chu. And now I will leave you with some food for thought, “Words build bridges into unexplored regions.” Adolf Hitler

Hayley Martens, Campus Life Editor

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