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Lucas Bleyle
Lucas Bleyle is a passionate anarchist that envisions a governmentless utopia comprised solely of subsistence farmers and where the only valid currency is art. Disclaimer: Lucas Bleyle is absolutely none of the following in anyway; a visionary, an idealist, a hopeless romantic. That being said he understands the improbability of visions for the future and continues, for now, to thrive in the current system where he is a student who only barely manages his crushing apathy to the, previously mentioned, current system. He is a mediocre actor or as some say a convincingly terrible actor who also enjoys Garden club which allows him to return to Mother Earth and drink straight from the test tube once again. Although he vehemently denounces unoriginality he would like to end with a commonly asked question: If Lucas could have any five people who have ever lived over to his home for dinner who would he invite? Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bo Burnham, Watsky, Tyler Joseph, Chris McCandless.  

Lucas Bleyle, Print Manager

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The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.