Students in Mrs. Piatz’s Plus enjoy a game of spoons.
Students in Mrs. Piatz’s Plus enjoy a game of spoons.

Students find hidden plus options

October 19, 2018

Extra help, test make-ups and homework help can all be done in the 30 minutes of plus period that we have. If you are like me, choosing a plus period is harder than you think. If you don’t have anything to do during those 30 minutes, you’re basically having a study hall. From Mr. Zmolek’s philosophy plus period to Mrs. Hale’s business principles plus period, there are a ton of options to choose from. A lot of people don’t know about the lesser-known plus periods. If you think about what to sign up for more than you should, this article is just for you.

Have you ever been so stressed with school and everything else going on? Well sometimes you just need a few moments to relax and not think about anything, but of course, you’re busy all day long and don’t have time to meditate. If that person is you, you can utilize your plus period by going to Mr. Zmolek’s room for meditation on Mondays. If you’re tired and just want to relax and chill a bit it’s the perfect place for you. It would help you focus more and concentrate better on your activities. 

Have you ever wondered the purpose of something in life which led you to deep thoughts and thinking? Mr. Zmolek and Mr. Klass have a philosophy plus period that talks about philosophical principles and thinking in greater depths. If you’re interested in philosophy or even want to know more about this plus period then sign up under Mr. Klass or Mr. Zmolek on Thursdays.

The future is in the hands of technology. Being a skilled technician never hurt anybody. Did you know that Ames High has a student tech team? If you feel satisfied when you help a substitute with a projector or DVD player in class then you’re totally suitable for the Ames High Tech Team. Everyone part of this team assists and help others students that have problems with their computer or technical problems in general. Sign up for Mr. Donovan’s plus period on Thursdays and become an official part of the Ames High Student Tech Team!

If you’re one of those people who gets extremely bored in the middle of the day and just needs a place for hanging out with friends then a plus period where you and your friends can play cards is just for you. Sign up for Mrs. Piatz’s plus period on Tuesdays if you’re interested. “I just really like playing cards and this plus period gives me an opportunity to meet all kinds of students from different grades,” said Mrs. Piatz.

Standardized tests have always been stressful especially when your score has to go on your college application. Hearing SAT and ACT makes me nauseous. If you’re planning on taking the ACT sometime soon then Mrs. Seibert got you! She meets with students Mondays in her room for ACT English Test prep and practice. If working with others helps you focus and concentrate more then sign up for her plus period to learn more about it. Also, what is there to not love about Mrs. Seibert?

If you’re a socially active person and would like to interact with more people then you would be perfect for Ms. Micalone’s plus period. You have a chance to go and interact with some of the Peers. General education students can come in and interact or play games with the special education students. If you’re interested in hanging out and spending time with them then you can sign up under Mrs. Micalone on Fridays.

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