ANALYSIS: Students like block scheduling but dislike one-way hallways and closed campus
ANALYSIS: Students like block scheduling but dislike one-way hallways and closed campus
Bennett Anderson, Reporter • April 2, 2021

Covid remains and school has begun. Ames High has so far made it through one semester of school and has recently transitioned into either 100% online or 100% in person schooling....

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Senior Yuer Zhu
Yuer Zhu: Dominating Ames High's Art Department
Erin Murphy, Editor • March 9, 2021

Ames High, Aims High. A statement that best represents many aspects of Ames High School¨s culture. Senior Yuer Zhu seems to dominate the art department. With awards and recognitions...

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Photo from @kershner.ali on Instagram
Female Athletes - An Afterthought
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief • March 29, 2021

The NCAA’s blatant disrespect for the women's tournament, all during March, which is Women´s History Month and the month that International Women’s Day is in, is absurd.  By...

A side by side comparison of the old 11 inch MacBook Airs, to the new third-generation Google Chromebooks.
New Year, New Computers
January 28, 2021
The WEB: Pandemic Edition
The WEB: Pandemic Edition
December 18, 2020
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February/March Album Review
February/March Album Review
Sophia Cordoba, Junior Editor • April 12, 2021
Image by Amy Hirschi and Pixabay
A Note on Typing Notes
Leola Almquist, Editor • March 4, 2021
A Year of Uncertainty
A Year of Uncertainty
Mead Hardacre, WEB Reporter • March 4, 2021
An original cover image for the column, created on the app "Procreate".
January Music Review
Sophia Cordoba, Editor • January 28, 2021
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Ames Senior Leah Tietjens goes for a shot guarded by two  West players
The Perserverance of Ames High Girl's Basketball
Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter • March 3, 2021
An overhead view of the band on their October 3rd spectacular performance.
Marching On!
Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter • December 3, 2020
Pictured here: Sophomore Sydney Turk racing in her second mile
Making it to the State Meet
Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter, photographer • November 5, 2020
Photo by William Jenks
Sports: Pandemic Edition
Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter • October 8, 2020
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2021 Ames High School Time Capsule Trailer
Haley Reeves and Erin Murphy May 10, 2021

This is Ames High, in all its dusty glory. Decades of students walked through these very halls, taught in these classrooms, and locked in these stairwells. WEB staffers from the class of 21’ and 22’, the last to graduate from these hallowed halls, bring you on a journey through what was Ames High. From broken ceilings, concerning water damage, and strangely narrow halls, to the decades of senior...

Winter Tidings
Winter Tidings
Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist • December 16, 2019