2021 Ames High School Time Capsule

Haley Reeves and Erin Murphy June 10, 2021

Broken ceilings, water damage, and holes in walls, all what give Ames High School it's charm, and why it will soon be demolished. But before that can happen, we bring you on a journey through these hallowed...

Well that was Interesting...

Well that was Interesting…

Senior Column
Erin Murphy, Editor June 2, 2021

Over the last 4 years at this school, the dynamic of each class, passing through the halls and the communication and collaboration between teachers and students, and administration has changed so much...

Mead Hardacre

Mead Hardacre

Senior Column
Mead Hardacre, WEB Reporter June 2, 2021

Right now, I feel like I’m facing the conundrum that countless numbers of my predecessors have faced already. I’m a senior about to graduate, after 13 long years, I’m finally almost there. I’ve...

Haley’s Seven Hacks for Success

Haley’s Seven Hacks for Success

Senior Column • An improved version of Shelby’s six points to success.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief May 29, 2021

My Dear Ames High Students, These past four years have been nothing short of a spectacular nightmare. A whirlwind of parking lot drama, state championships, changing administration, post-football cowbell,...

In Defense of Black Lives Matter Week

In Defense of Black Lives Matter Week

Mead Hardacre, WEB Reporter May 6, 2021

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it,” that’s how the saying goes, right? But what’s worse than simply forgetting the lessons the past has taught us? In my opinion, there’s no greater...

Source: Nasa and USA Today

If we wait for ‘the science to settle,’ there will not be anywhere for us left to settle

Varun Prasanna, A & E Editor May 3, 2021

The previous year's rains did not come, forcing the farmer to sell his land. With no money, he must move to an area which is not affected by climate catastrophes, he passes through flooded roads, past...

February/March Album Review

February/March Album Review

Sophia Cordoba, Junior Editor April 12, 2021

  Revelación - Selena Gomez On March 12, 2021, Selena Gomez took a dive into a new genre with grace. Although Revelación is certainly not her first Spanish work, the EP marks her first...

Image by Amy Hirschi and Pixabay

A Note on Typing Notes

Leola Almquist, Editor March 4, 2021

It’s always on one of those dense material days where it's beneficial to write down everything taught in class. Before you have time to decide how to take notes, the script is recited: “studies show...

A Year of Uncertainty

A Year of Uncertainty

Mead Hardacre, WEB Reporter March 4, 2021

It’s been a really weird time for all of us. In some ways, a lot has changed, and in others, it hasn’t changed enough. It’s now March 2021, exactly one year after this whole mess started. I’m sure...

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January Music Review

Sophia Cordoba, Editor January 28, 2021

  Welcome to a new monthly publication that will cover recent album releases from a variety of genres. Here are three  reviews to kick off the year.   ZAYN - Nobody Is Listening   Nobody...

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