College, College, College…

Triny Gonzalez, Guest Writer January 12, 2022

Believe it or not, it’s hard being a teen. It’s scary knowing that big decisions are coming up, like choosing what college to go to, what career path we want to take, where we want to move after we...

Mental Health Issues In Schools

Ellyn Foglesong, Guest Writer January 10, 2022

In the winter of seventh through the summer of eighth grade- I was facing a depressive episode- years later, I still deal with Mental illness. However, the resources for Mental Health in my school didn’t...

Money, cell phone and soda by espensorvik is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The College Payment Struggle and Why It’s Still Worth It

Matthew Hehr, Guest Writer January 10, 2022

For many, including myself, the sticker price of universities in America is quite frankly terrifying. Looking locally, the cheapest state university in my area would still put me a whopping $80,000...

Mirabel and her family captured in a gorgeous scence from Disneys latest production, Encanto.

Encanto: A Colombian Perspective

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief January 6, 2022

Encanto is Disney’s latest animated production, and certainly one of their best movies to date. The movie was released on November 21st, and since then, has received glowing reviews and audience affection....

Members of key club gather in the lunchroom to decorate cookies that they will later be donating.

Ode to Clubs

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief January 3, 2022

  In the beginning, there was nothing. Like any traditional start to the school year, the days were filled with homeroom-only after 2nd period. Without a period to meet, Club Fair came and went...

Sofia Mamakos and her Pop It that she received during Secret Snowman.

Give it a Pop

Sofia Mamakos, Editor-in-Chief (Outreach) December 20, 2021

I was second in line at the checkout in Barnes and Noble. Shelves lined with the typical avalanche of overpriced plastic tempted me as I held a crisp twenty-dollar bill, along with my book of choice. With...

The Web staff sits down at Starbucks to pass judgement upon their seasonal drinks.

Tasty Tuesday: A Starbucks Review

Starbucks is notorious for annually jumping the gun with the release of Holiday items. As early as November 4th, various Christmas drinks, cups, food, and decor fill stores across the nation. The new variety...

A visual posted by Stromae on the morning of Santés release, depicting a series of dance steps.

Santé: Stromae’s Flawless Return

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2021

A waitress arches her back as she screams soundlessly in an empty restaurant, hair mussed up and lipstick faded. Her expression reveals a clash of emotions: frustration, exhaustion, and most prominently,...

The Web staff sits down inside Daytime Diner for a taste of their food and drinks.

Tasty Tuesday: A Daytime Review

On October 26th, The Web took a field trip to Daytime Diner, a recently-opened cafe/diner in West Ames. While the staff unanimously agreed that the vibe was impeccable, we had mixed reviews on the food...

Squid Game: An Extremely Biased Review

Sam Keenan, WEB Reporter October 20, 2021

              I’m not usually a fan of these hyper futuristic dystopian shows, but something about Netflix’s new Squid Game really caught my attention. It could’ve been the recently built...

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