The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


David Lee 23 works on a scholarship for the 2023-24 academic school year.

Non-Citizen High School Student Struggles to Receive Aid When Applying to Colleges

Chantal de Macedo Eulenstein, WEB Reporter March 17, 2023

For many seniors the final months of the school year are a time of reprise. Colleges have already accepted them - or they are awaiting acceptance, scholarships are wrapping up, and senioritis is finally...

Emily holding up her current best artwork, which she spent hours on

Teenager Dreams of Creating Something That Matters With Her Art

Subaita Alam Nooha, Freshman Feature February 27, 2023

In the small town of Ames, Iowa, high school freshman, Emily Rodriguez Jovel aspires to go down in history and change the world with her art. “I see mistakes as an opportunity to fix and learn from...

Varsity wrestler Alexis (Lexi) Winkey 23 pins opponent in Girls Dual

2022-23 Sanctioned Iowa Girls Wrestling Redefines What It Means to be Female on the Mat

Chantal de Macedo Eulenstein, WEB Reporter February 8, 2023

In a decision that has redefined what it means to be a female on the mat, the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union announced on Jan. 12 of last year that Iowa girls wrestling would be sanctioned for the...

For many teens social media can be almost addictive. There are various factors why social media negatively affects teens.

Managing the Effects of Social Media on Teens

Aaron Perrotte, Web Reporter February 7, 2023

Before they shower, brush their teeth, and eat breakfast most teenagers start their day by reaching for their phone. They might scroll through Instagram posts from classmates, look at TikToks from their...

Sophia Hatcher throws a free throw at her club game in 2021.

High school athlete confesses about the life of playing basketball

Jenna Johnson, Freshman Feature February 3, 2023

Basketball, a very time-absorbing, mind-challenging sport, has very many athletes participate every year. Sophia Hatcher is being one of those athletes. Sophia Hatcher, a freshman athlete here at Ames...

Stefanie Day works at the printer at Sawyer Elementary.

Sawyer Elementary EA Stefanie Day Speaks About Staff Being Underappreciated

Harrison Day, Freshman Feature February 3, 2023

During Covid-19, there were always messages saying, “Thanks to our doctors for helping us through these trying times!” But not for teachers. Why? Teachers make those jobs possible. Being an educator...

Frankie and Grace at church getting confirmed.

Roland-Story Freshman Shares What Life Is Like as a Christian Girl in 2022

Grace Saxton, Freshman Feature February 3, 2023

According to, 63% of US teenage girls ranging from the ages of 13-17 attend religious services and identify as Christian. For Frankie Hadsall, she is proud to say she is part of...

The Hangouts main sign, pictured leaning against the side of the Northern Presbyterian Church.

Cookies and Love: Northminister Presbyterian Church Seeks to Provide Support to High School Students with After-school Program 

Chantal de Macedo Eulenstein, Guest Contributor January 24, 2023

The ring of the bell, the crossing of train tracks, and another Tuesday afternoon.  A group of students returns to the Presbyterian Church turned high-school hangout space, now moved inside to avoid...

English Teacher Mr. Webb enjoys hanging out with his colleagues.

Life of James Webb

Sherry Wang, Guest Writer January 17, 2023

Every day, James Webb gets to school bright and early. But he is not there to learn. He’s got a boatload of tasks to accomplish to prepare for his high school students.  Ames High School English...

Rising Depression Rates Limit Talk Therapists, Here Are Some Alternatives;

Rising Depression Rates Limit Talk Therapists, Here Are Some Alternatives;

Celeste Symons, Sports & Activities Editor December 15, 2022

In recent years, the topic of mental health has become more and more acknowledged due to how important it is to a person, however, mental health issues are increasing due to a multitude of things and it...

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