Subreddit vs Hedge Funds

Subreddit vs Hedge Funds

Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief February 16, 2021

From $2.57 to $483 in the span of a couple of weeks, all thanks to a subreddit, history was made.  After all the GameStop pandemonium has seemed to settle, let's look into what this all really means,...

Senior Cassidy Peterson

Cassidy Brooke: Ames High’s Next Super Star

Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter January 27, 2021

So you might have seen on half of the senior class’ Instagram stories a few weeks ago a new debut song from Ames High’s own senior Cassidy Peterson. First releasing her song “Mtn Days” on SoundCloud...

Dear class of 2021,

Dear class of 2021,

Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter January 25, 2021

Dear class of 2021, Nothing is normal, nor most likely will it be. May it be the ever-changing state of the world, especially the state of the country, we the seniors aren’t able to keep up. A sense...

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

Sophia Cordoba, Editor December 18, 2020

The WEB staff used to gather in a classroom full of sound and ideas. Our small team claimed the table closest to the window, perhaps hoping that inspiration would strike us from the sky above. Mr. Johnson...

Are theaters Done For?

Are theaters Done For?

Humza Maqsood, Editor November 16, 2020

Covid-19 has really put a damper on most things this year. One thing that’s taking off, however, is streaming platforms. According to “Vox Media” And “Variety”, services like Netflix and Disney+...

I can't handle this!

I can’t handle this!

Trying to learn in high school during a pandemic
Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter November 11, 2020

Ok disclaimer: I know none of us have been through this situation of being in a pandemic before, so we are all learning as we go. I am also not trying to bash any teachers or staff or administration as...

What's Up With Robert?

What’s Up With Robert?

The strange phenomenon that is Robert Pattison.
Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter November 5, 2020

Robert Pattison has been quite popular lately, partially due to a surge of Tik Toks about him, and the infamous kitchen photo. Maybe he’s just another British white boy actor, but no, he is far more....

Pictured here: Sophomore Sydney Turk racing in her second mile

Making it to the State Meet

Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter, photographer November 5, 2020

  Friday, October 30th, 2020 the State Cross Country meet was being held in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Ames High had a total of three runners qualify at the Districts meet in Southeast Polk on Oct. 21....

New Teacher in the Business Department: Mrs. Lewis

New Teacher in the Business Department: Mrs. Lewis

Sophia Cordoba, Editor October 27, 2020

Mrs. Lewis is one of the latest additions to the ever-evolving business department of Ames High, and considering the variety of courses she teaches, there’s a good chance many students will end up in...

Ames High's Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

Ames High’s Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

Sophia Cordoba, Editor October 22, 2020

Mrs. Heine is the latest math teacher at Ames High, currently teaching Algebra I and Advanced Algebra II. Yet, teaching at Ames High is far from a new experience for her.  “I actually taught at Ames...

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