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Ling Sting

Leola Almquist, Editor October 21, 2021

“You know, swagginess starts from kindness. That's what I like to say.”  Our queen, Ling Bai. Homecoming queen was awarded to the right person this year. Ling is genuinely genuine. You’ve likely...

Stephanie and Serenas bricks, captured on DJs wall.

Serena Paulson: An Editor from the Past

Sofia Mamakos, Editor-in-chief October 21, 2021

Many attempts have been made to contact the names on the bricks. From email to Facebook messenger, to searches on the alumni website; finding these people sometimes feels impossible. Though many are unresponsive,...

Ms. Gustfason, the schools latest resource plus Special Ed teacher.

Ms. Gustafson: New Year, New Challenge

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2021

Past the walls of Mrs. Martinez’s room and before the science department, lies a set of classrooms that not every student gets the pleasure to know. These rooms host part of the special education department,...

The Web staff poses outside Burgies with hands full of drinks.

Tuesday Travels: A Burgie’s Review

On Tuesday, October 12, the WEB took a field trip to the recently opened North Burgies. Two sedans pulled up to the Fareway parking lot, and while the exterior of the cafe left us rather unimpressed, the...

Voters gathered to hear from School Board candidates at the Ames Public Library on October 14th.

Candidates Answer Questions at Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Sophia Cordoba and Lily Lupardus October 18, 2021

Last Thursday at Ames Public Library, five of the seven school board candidates (Dryer, Smith, Duvick, Winfrey, Becker) appeared at a public forum answering questions on inclusivity and diversity in the...

Seven school board candidates sat down at the Ames Public Library to answer voters questions.

Meet the Candidates

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2021

On October 7, the League of Women Voters hosted an open forum for the school board candidates to answer questions and promote their campaigns. The Web summarized and compiled some of their responses to...

Madeline Topf: What stories lie within the walls of Ames High?

Madeline Topf: What stories lie within the walls of Ames High?

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter September 27, 2021

For decades The Web has been the glue that holds Ames High together. All controversies captured in an electronic time machine, 2 clicks away at all times. However, one might question, how did these stories...

Mr. Grapp in his classroom.

Mr. Grapp: The Start of a Teaching Journey

Leola Almquist, Editor September 24, 2021

A new face pops in and out of Mr. Schmidt's old room. Mr. Grapp is the new English teacher here at Ames High. While Mr. Grapp is new to Ames High, this also happens to be Grapp's first year in the profession.  “It's...

Sarah Knutson: from Art to Z

Calia Alexe, Reporter September 24, 2021

  Sarah Knutson. Most people who have been in Ames for a while either know her, or know of her. Mrs. Knutson has been local for 22 years, her career starting at Mitchell Elementary School,...

Photo credit: ACSD

Mr. Fedders: Ames High’s New Activities Director

Jack Wanamaker and Leola Almquist September 24, 2021

“I love sports, let’s just be honest,” says Mr. Fedders, Ames High’s new Activities Director. Prior to his arrival at Ames High on July 1, Fedders was over at Des Moines East for eight years.  “Des...

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