More than Farming

More than Farming

Leola Almquist, Editor April 18, 2021

Agricultural classes arrived at Ames High with a sidekick: FFA. From a literal stance, FFA translates to Future Farmers of America. Farming, we think pigs, cows, corn, John Deere tractors; basic Iowa agriculture...

Photo from @kershner.ali on Instagram

Female Athletes – An Afterthought

Why this scandal shouldn’t have ever happened.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief March 29, 2021

The NCAA’s blatant disrespect for the women's tournament, all during March, which is Women´s History Month and the month that International Women’s Day is in, is absurd.  By even giving them anything...

Left to Right: Casey Mumm (Sr.), Corey Phillips (Jr.), Keyshaun Brooks (Sr.), Lucas Lueth (So.), Tamin Lipsey (Jr.)

Boys Basketball takes on the State Tournament

Erin Murphy, Editor March 18, 2021

On Wednesday March 10th, the Ames High Boys Basketball team played their first game in the State Tournament. Marking a 13 game winning streak, Ames rose to the top beating Council Bluffs 53-31 advancing...

A side by side comparison of the old 11 inch MacBook Airs, to the new third-generation Google Chromebooks.

New Year, New Computers

Sofia Mamakos, WEB reporter January 28, 2021

The Ames High MacBooks, for many years, have been through thick and thin. Traveling from student to student, these computers have seen lots of life. They have satisfied countless assignments, yet recently...

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

Sophia Cordoba, Editor December 18, 2020

The WEB staff used to gather in a classroom full of sound and ideas. Our small team claimed the table closest to the window, perhaps hoping that inspiration would strike us from the sky above. Mr. Johnson...

How has COVID-19 affected Ames?

How has COVID-19 affected Ames?

Kara Caraher, WEB reporter November 12, 2020

Covid 19 has hit us big in Ames. The New York Times lists us as a hotspot for Covid- 19. Because of that, there is a mask mandate in Story County and a COVID testing site in Ames.  Right now there...

Mr. Ferguson: Ames High's Latest Coach

Mr. Ferguson: Ames High’s Latest Coach

Sophia Cordoba, Editor November 11, 2020

Kevin Ferguson is the latest teacher in Ames High’s P.E Department, as well as the new coach of the school’s football team. With both of these roles, most students at Ames High will get to know him....

2020 AHS Senior Sendoffs

2020 AHS Senior Sendoffs

WEB Staff October 28, 2020

Lara Isobel Baker IOWA nursing and Spanish Vera Barkosky IOWA political science and sociology Haley Bates UNI undecided Madison Baughman ISU graphic design, and a minor...

New Teacher in the Business Department: Mrs. Lewis

New Teacher in the Business Department: Mrs. Lewis

Sophia Cordoba, Editor October 27, 2020

Mrs. Lewis is one of the latest additions to the ever-evolving business department of Ames High, and considering the variety of courses she teaches, there’s a good chance many students will end up in...

Ames High's Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

Ames High’s Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

Sophia Cordoba, Editor October 22, 2020

Mrs. Heine is the latest math teacher at Ames High, currently teaching Algebra I and Advanced Algebra II. Yet, teaching at Ames High is far from a new experience for her.  “I actually taught at Ames...

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