Ames High’s Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

Ames High's Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine

October 22, 2020

Mrs. Heine is the latest math teacher at Ames High, currently teaching Algebra I and Advanced Algebra II. Yet, teaching at Ames High is far from a new experience for her.  “I actually taught at Ames High School back in 2012. And then I was here for two years… my kids were little so I taught in ...

Mail In Voting

Jack Wanamaker, Editor

October 17, 2020

In the past four years, a lot has changed to say the least. Among these changes, every four years a new group of high school students can vote. For all of us at Ames High this will be our first vote so let’s make sure it counts. With the culmination of Covid-19 and lack of in person voting centers, ma...

Interview With The New Principal: Dr. Nyberg

A screenshot of the interview with Dr.Nyberg.

Humza Maqsood and Varun Prasanna

October 14, 2020

Before we were supposed to interview Dr. Nyberg, we had nervous thoughts, We were discussing how to approach this interview with the principal most people haven’t met, but as we asked the following questions and received the answers to them, we felt that AHS has a principal who can lead AHS to a bett...

The New Ames High: What Have We Missed?

Image courtesy of the ACSD website

Mead Hardacre, WEB Reporter

October 9, 2020

A lot of things have changed at Ames High since students last saw each other before spring break. With so many widespread global and national events happening over the past seven months, you’d be forgiven if the new high school building was something you completely forgot about. However, it’s easy to ...

A Will to Play

(Photo taken by Olivia Sassman)
Junior Alexa Kopaska wears her mask as she prepares for a spike.

Sophia Cordoba, Editor

October 8, 2020

  Nearly 4 weeks ago on September 7th, students from around the Des Moines metro area gathered at Terrace Hill to raise their voice in protest. This gathering even brought in some of our very own students from Ames High, who pleaded with the district to bring back sports. Now that the school ha...

parking lot

Logan Adams-Bacon, reporter

March 4, 2020

Almost everyone in the high school has to deal with the parking lot. If you are someone that owns a  car, you have to park in it and spend 20 minutes getting out of it. If you are walking to school you have to deal with people driving around and almost hitting you. And if you are getting dropped off ...

Happy/Bad memories?

A high school student pondering their memories in class.

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

February 20, 2020

A good friend asked me this and, at that moment, I couldn’t find an appropriate response to it: Does one’s past torture one’s memory, or does one’s memory torture one’s past?  A convoluted question that can result in so many interpretations, but how I saw it as a whole is the corruption...

The Bloody Truth

Sanitary Products

Dani Adams-Valenzuela, Guest Writer

December 16, 2019

Imagine this: you’re sitting in study hall, when suddenly your friend whispers to you - “Do you have a tampon?” You say yes and discreetly, secretly, slide it to her. She walks to the bathroom with it up her sleeve to make sure nobody sees. This is a scenario that every girl in our high sch...

Divided Viewpoint: Administration Relations

Divided Viewpoint: Administration Relations

Seth Bequette

December 16, 2019

They’re faces that go by in the halls, the lunchroom, who you pass by in the mornings with a short but courteous hello while hurrying inside. They are not seen in the classroom, but by title are meant to be the face of the high school faculty: the administration. And most recently, they’ve b...

The Struggles of School Lunch

Student Poll Responses

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

December 16, 2019

Lunch. School lunches, to be more specific, is where students come in after class, eat, chat, and probably finish to leave the cafeteria. They go to their next class and continue on with their day. Ames High School lunches are no different from any of the thousands of public school lunches, though they’...