The Ames School Board meeting on December 14, 2021

School Board Decides Against SRO’s, Ames High Students Speak

Lily Lupardus, News Editor January 10, 2022

On Monday, December 14th, the ACSD school board voted unanimously to end the contract with the Ames Police Department for the 2022-2023 school year, and remove resource officers from the middle school...

A Semester in Ames

A Semester in Ames

Leola Almquist, Features Editor January 5, 2022

Imagine starting your senior year of high school in South America or Europe. It’s your first time there, and it’s your home for the next few months. Students from all over are presented with the option...

Euphoria Season 2 (Spoilers for Season 1, obviously)

Euphoria Season 2 (Spoilers for Season 1, obviously)

Sam Keenan, WEB Reporter January 2, 2022

Best known for resurfacing the glitter eye makeup fad and immersing fans into the dark secrets of high school, Euphoria is back for season 2, and it's coming a lot sooner than you may think.  The premier...

Becker, Smith and Winfrey Win Seats on Ames School Board

Lily Lupardus, News Editor November 19, 2021

Amy Erica Smith, Kelly Winfrey, and Brett Becker are the candidates who were elected to the Ames school board on November 2. Smith had 20.77% of votes, Winfrey had 19.52% of votes, and Becker had 17.4%...

Ames girls and coaches cradle their trophy.

Ames Cross Country Impresses at State

Leola Almquist, Features Editor November 13, 2021

7:15 AM on October 29, a school bus sat outside the entrance of the athletics complex on 24th street. It was pitch black, but the headlights illuminated the steps into the bus. One-fourth of the girls'...

Students line up outside Ames city hall with signs demanding climate action.

Students Rally for Climate Action

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief October 28, 2021

This past Monday, October 25th, students took the streets to demand climate action. Members of the Sunrise Movement, CAUSE (Citizens Actualizing and Understanding Sustainable Environments), and ISU’s...

Joe Strong, the latest chorus teacher at Ames High.

Interview with Joe Strong

Humza Maqsood, Multimedia Editor October 28, 2021

With Mrs. Dieter retiring, Ames High was short one Choir Director. Luckily, Joe Strong was just around the corner to help, and he’s doing a great job. Strong has been teaching for 8 years now, the...

Teacher Paige Seibert

Welcoming Back: Paige Seibert

Bennett Anderson, Sports & Activities Editor October 27, 2021

After a surprising absence of teachers at the high school by the end of last year, we welcome many new faces to the school including returning special ed teacher Paige Seibert, who was previously in Ames...

Stephanie and Serenas bricks, captured on DJs wall.

Serena Paulson: An Editor from the Past

Sofia Mamakos, Editor-in-Chief (Outreach) October 21, 2021

Many attempts have been made to contact the names on the bricks. From email to Facebook messenger, to searches on the alumni website; finding these people sometimes feels impossible. Though many are unresponsive,...

Ms. Gustfason, the schools latest resource plus Special Ed teacher.

Ms. Gustafson: New Year, New Challenge

Sophia Cordoba, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2021

Past the walls of Mrs. Martinez’s room and before the science department, lies a set of classrooms that not every student gets the pleasure to know. These rooms host part of the special education department,...

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