The Lone Kid Behind Lonewolf

The Lone Kid Behind Lonewolf

Dani Adams-Valenzuela, Guest Writer

October 25, 2019

In some ways, senior Bjorn Iverson is similar to many other Ames High students. He is a member of quiz bowl and marching band, and he enjoys being a part of a team. If you know him, he is most definitely ‘supportive, relaxed, and encouraging,’ the three words he used to describe his character. But wha...

Carol VanWaardhuizen

Ezra Shirtcliff, Reporter/Editor

May 24, 2019

These are the final days for the amazing FCS teacher Carol VanWaardhuizen. She hosted several clubs, co-wrote a book, and recently became a grandmother. VanWaardhuizen began her career with food when she was a kid. Before she moved out of the house, VanWaardhuizen used to live on a dairy farm. The cons...

Sparkman: A bird finally set free..

Akshata Gandhe, Profiles Editor

May 22, 2019

From derivatives and integrals to chain rules, Stuart Sparkman has saved every struggling AP Calculus student at this school. Mostly known as the “Calc God” by several students, Sparkman has been around teaching Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus for a long time at Ames High School. He probably taught...

Avery Mosher

Jonathan Watt, Opinion Editor

April 19, 2019

“...generally, I’m a pretty boring person.” - A.M.   As high school students at the best school in the state, many of us dedicate ourselves to achieving satisfaction, something that never seems to be quite within our reach. So far we have gone, so hard we have worked, that many of us ...

Life is worth living

Life is worth living

Zoe Mamakos, Reporter

April 18, 2019

Life is worth living. The everyday routine. The constant argument with your alarm clock as it shakes, ringing 7:00. Again. A brand new day. You sit up in bed, accepting the idea that it’s not quite summer yet. Followed by your parent's words of encouragement floating out the door, as you promis...

Dominik McDonald

Dominik McDonald

Oliver Chen, Co-Editor in Chief

April 18, 2019

If one happens to hear the stately timpani of Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique or the lively xylophone runs of George Gershwin’s American in Paris drifting through the music wing, the source of the music can likely be traced to senior Dominik McDonald. Since he first began taking lessons in eleme...

Very Barchofski

Very Barchofski

Zoe Mamakos, Reporter

March 21, 2019

"I'm tired," said junior Vera Barkosky, going to bed at 8 p.m. This is a common conversation experienced every day by her stay-up-late friends who can’t relate and literally anyone else who knows her. Imagine the dream life, going to bed early every night, getting your homework done RIGHT after...

Sean Prell: Ames High’s kindly herpetologist

Sean takes a selfie with his Tegu.

Lucas Bleyle, Co-Editor in Chief

March 13, 2019

The Reptile Room is the second book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. In the book, the Baudelaire orphans find themselves in the home of their uncle and renowned herpetologist Dr. Montgomery. An entire room in Dr. Montgomery’s home is packed to brim with the reptiles. One might assume reading this novel...

Mason Jar Jason

Akshata Gandhe, Reporter

February 13, 2019

Most of us have grown up watching High School Musical or have at least expected High School to be a tad bit like the movies. But in reality, we all know by now that that isn’t the case. Freshman year for most of us went by quickly and was quite hazy. However, freshman Jason Vernon has made it h...

Maria Kozakova Ain’t No Square

Photo by Josh McCunn

Seth Bequette, Reporter

February 12, 2019

“This is so hard, I don’t know how to describe myself. I dunno who the heck I am,” said Maria Kozakova, an Ames High senior. When her interview began, she quickly turned around to a group of classmates for words they’d use to describe her. “Erratic” and “Unique :)” (textual smiley included)...