T.L.O.P. or F.L.O.P. ?

T.L.O.P. or F.L.O.P. ?

Tracie-Lynn Lamoreux, Reporter

March 2, 2016

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  By now you’ve probably read more about him than you have about any curriculum available at Ames High. With his crazy outbursts, twitter feuds, and god complex, I’m sure you could guess who I am talking about. Kanye West released his album The Life of Pablo early February, garnering more ...

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Madi Franco

March 1, 2016

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Music streaming apps are by far some of the most profitable apps available on the app store. Entrepreneurs and app developers are in a continuous battle to claim their spot on the top of the charts, and the newest addition to the battle is the app Tidal. Tidal claims to offer “HiFi” sound quality, and ...

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