Zeno Schabel: not on an island


Credit: Sydney Degeest

Zeno Schabel an exchange student from Cyprus, which is an island right under Turkey. “[It is] very laid back [in Cyprus] and people are xenophobic and prejudiced against outsiders. [This is] probably because of history and because it is an island,” said Schabel.

Schabel’s father went to Ames High in the 80s and is currently teaching in Cyprus. Schabel’s mother is Greek. Schabel is living with his grandparents while staying in Ames.

He is staying in Ames this year for sure and possibly for college. He is interested in Aerospace engineering and considering Iowa State because it is very affordable.

Switching high school was a big change. The biggest surprise for him  is the people. “For such a large community I didn’t expect for everyone to be friendly,” said Schabel.

School is going well for Schabel. “So far it [Ames] is easier, much easier [than in Cyprus],” said Schabel.

He adds, “Appearance wise [Ames has] a lot more blondes.  Culturally it seems pretty much the same between the two schools,” said Schabel.

In Cyprus, Schabel participated in soccer and Math Counts. “Math Counts is a competition where if you get accepted, you go overseas for a math competition. I went to Ukraine and Russia,” said Schabel.

Thing thing he misses most about Cyprus is the sea.

Schabel enjoys statistics with Mr. Hill and playing four square at lunch. He doesn’t do any sports. “I was considering tennis but I’m a senior and I’m not very good at it,” said Schabel.

His advice to fellow transfer and exchange students is “ Don’t be too nervous, be open and accepting, and go with the flow.  Whoever you meet and talk to you will become close friends with so keep that in mind”.


Favorite Animal: Komoto Dragon

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Color: Blue