Clara Janzen

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Mac and cheese pizza
Favorite animal: Dogs, dalmatians especially

Clara Janzen is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed sophomore involved in club soccer, school soccer, and band. She plays the flute. “It’s fun, but with the computers they made us submit recordings for auditions. That is really stressful because they can rewind it and listen to it over and over,” said Janzen.

Janzen was born in Ames and moved to California when she was one. “[After California] we moved back to Ames and then to Oregon and then to Ames again,” said Janzen.

Perhaps the fact that she has always been on the move has inspired Janzen to love to travel. “A tour of Europe would be really fun. I want to visit every country in Europe someday,” said Janzen.

In her free time, Janzen loves hanging out with her boyfriend, Brendan Gorman, and reading. one of her favorite books is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. “I love all kinds of fiction,” said Janzen.

Janzen and Gorman have been dating for a month. “Its great! We are mature!” said Janzen.

When not with her boyfriend or reading, Janzen enjoys watching NCIS and Walking dead and listening to Marina and the Diamonds while eating pizza from Vesuvius.

Her favorite class is APUSH, but her favorite teacher is Mrs. Heines. “I like her style of teaching and she is really helpful. She is also very available and has a twitter and a google plus page,” said Janzen.

Her goals for the year include to not fail, get a “B” in APUSH, and learn to drive a stickshift.