Brynna Bargfield: teenage superhero?



Sparkly skating costumes: yea or nay?

To sparkles, I say yea. The shinier the better (unless you actually blind the audience- then you should probably tone it down). After competitions or shows I still find glitter in my hair and clothes for days.

Favorite teacher: If Walter, Mooney, and Brenneman got mushed into one person, it’d be them.

Favorite class: Whichever one isn’t first period.

Hardest class you’ve ever taken: Oh, band, definitely. It’s really hard to focus with Mr. Buttermore telling you stories all the time.

Advice for underclassmen: Don’t be that guy. It doesn’t matter what guy it is, just don’t be him.

Favorite season: Fall, because it gets cold and that means that I can walk into school with chai.

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Good old vanilla bean. Preferably with root beer.

Brynna Bargfield may appear to be an average high school student, but those who are familiar with her know better. She’s more of a teenage superhero than anything else, somehow able to balance a heavy course load, multiple extracurriculars, and the time-consuming maintenance of having a witty sense of humor.

“My name is Brihn-ah (short I),” Bargfield said, explaining the way teachers mispronounce her name. “I have heard Bryahna, Brehnna, Brienne, Brianne, Briyn-uh, Brenn, Bria, Brianna, and once, Gretel.”

Bargfield is involved in band and Science Olympiad at AHS. When not at school, she participates in Girl Scouts, belly dancing, and figure skating.

“If I had the time, I’d be skating Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday,” Bargfield said. “Right now I’m on the ice Friday for two hours after school, Saturday mornings for as long as I can, plus some Wednesdays.”

During her sophomore year, Bargfield took both AP Bio and APUSH (a potentially deadly combination) and survived.

“Learn to talk with Mooney and Walter like they’re people,” Bargfield advised. “Speak loudly in class. You don’t want to be the person who gets a zero for participation because you didn’t say anything when there was an awesome class debate going on around you.”

Though Ames High would love to lay claim to the first superhuman student, Bargfield is, as she reminded us, only human. “[I can’t live without] oxygen,” she said, and then added, “and tall people to reach things for me.”