Holla @ Nahla

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

When the last name Atroon comes into your mind, you might think of senior Ahmed Atroon. Or maybe Mohammed Atroon. Or even Azaz Atroon. While all these Atroons are fantastic, don’t let one of the coolest ones slip by- sophomore Nahla Atroon.

Atroon keeps herself busy by being involved in Student Council, SHEPH, Fall cheer, and Orchestra, her favorite being Student Council. “[In StudCo] I feel like my voice is heard, like I’m a part of something for the better of my school, and it looks good on my resume,” said Atroon.

You can also bet that she can touch her toes and stay peppy as a cheerleader in the fall. “I love being able to go to every game and cheer on the football team while cheering with the student section,” said Atroon.

Even as a sophomore, Atroon has plans for her future in high school and college. Wanting to take challenging classes that aren’t too far out of her reach, she’ll be sure to stay busy in the next two years. She’s even farther than some current seniors, knowing where she’s aiming for to obtain a higher degree of education. “I don’t know why, but I wanna go to the University of Minnesota, I just feel it. It’s a calling,” said Atroon.

While she may seem busy, Atroon keeps her social life open. “I’m single and ready to mingle. Wait, taken by Ansel Elgort,” said Atroon. So even if you think you can compete with Ansel Elgort, you probably can’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.