Competitive Clendenens


Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

This dynamic duo of freshmen enjoy each other’s company in the halls of Ames High. Kaylee and Zach were born only twenty minutes apart, respectively, causing a competitive sibling rivalry.

“I’m way more competitive than Zach,” said Kaylee. “I always win.”

“She will do anything to win,” Zach agreed.

When deciding on whether or not they like having each other around, Kaylee said, “I like having a twin because they’re in the same grade as you. If you ever need help with school work you have someone right there doing the same thing as you who can help you.”

On the contrary, Zach doesn’t like his shared spot. “I have someone to compete with for everything.”

Kaylee pointed out another downside of twinning. “You can’t get away with anything. You have someone in the same grade as you so as soon as you do something dumb, you know your twin already knows about it.”

Deciding on who was the “alpha twin” caused some controversy. “I am the alpha twin because she relies on me for some stuff,” said Zach. Kaylee said, “I think I’m probably more of the alpha twin. Zach would probably disagree, but in certain situations I think Zach tends to follow my lead.”

Figure out for yourself who the alpha twin truly is between these combative underclassmen.