Anna’s senior column: “A change in routine…”


Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

When I was a freshman, I walked into Ames High with a packed schedule and long, highlighted hair.  My parents drove me to soccer practice, to piano lessons, and to youth group. It was routine and it was safe.

Over time I realized that I wasn’t really having as much fun doing the things I grew up with. I was a mediocre soccer player at best and wasn’t enjoying the AP science classes that I assumed I had to take to get into a good college.

Ames High has a traditional championship value system, and I cherish that. Dedication and commitment are powerful traits that everyone should possess. But what happens when you’re no longer interested in the activities that you built your foundation upon?

I’d been stuck in my routine and had never thought of changing it. I was in too many “things.”  I was spread so thin that I didn’t know exactly what I was passionate about anymore. I told myself that I was taking risks and trying new things during that time, but that’s just not true. I’m the most safe decision maker ever. I don’t tend to make drastic changes.

Since Ames High has many diverse niches and activities, it has become easy for someone to get lost in doing too many things or rather none at all. Finding a balance is important for any highschooler.

I’m so grateful for all of the teachers and students who have both challenged me and been a support network throughout these years. I’ve learned so much about myself and the world, both in and out of the classroom.

I’m a sappy optimist and that’s sometimes gotten me hurt over the years. At the same time, that little ounce of positivity has led me to some irreplaceable memories.

Little things like four square in the courtyard with the resource officer, car painting my friends rides as they went to state, and seeing my freshman homeroom in the hallway.

Once I stopped filling my schedule with “things,” my schedule became revamped and complete. Full of new friends, nights in coffee shops, and a little bit of free time.

Pretty risky? Yeah.