Pretty in pastel

Pretty in pastel

Emma Stewart and Lauren Eller

We have made it through the mohawk and half-shaved hair trends, through the clip on feathers and deceivingly permanent kool aid streaks, so now you may be asking, what’s next? Our answer is…pastel hair.


Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, and possibly the most iconic, Kylie Jenner have all taken to dyeing their hair pastel shades of purple, blue, pink, or sometimes all of the above. They have sparked a trend among teenagers that in true light is incredibly difficult to duplicate.


While these looks are über popular for celebrities, we rarely see someone in the hallways gracing a nice head of pastel hair. In all honesty, the colors are unrealistic, almost impossible to achieve. One would be less than surprised to know that pastel princesses Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner wear wigs instead of dyeing their hair the shades they don on the red carpet. Hair stylists try as hard as they can to replicate the flawless colors, but if you think you’re going to end up with a glossy pastel pink do, you are bound to be disappointed.


Although it’s nearly impossible to attain the level of hair color that celebrities so proudly advertise, pastel hair still can be done tastefully by an experienced stylist. At home dye treatments are risky to use when venturing towards a drastic color change, so we seriously suggest splurging and leaving it to the professionals on this one.


If you have the urge to dye your hair pink or purple, the time would be now my friends, but if you aren’t ready to make the leap quite yet, you can always follow Kylie Jenner’s lead and throw on a brightly colored wig for the time being.