DJ Khaled

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

Another one. Bless up. We the best. Major Key. To most people, when these terms are heard they automatically associate them with the hero DJ Khaled. Imagine your parent trying to inspire you to be the best that you can be. That is Dj Khaled all the time. DJ Khaled is a known music producer, but more importantly he is snapchat famous. His constantly updated snap story can motivate the laziest people, even make Kanye smile and make everyone’s day (we) the best. In order to succeed in life, one must incorporate DJ Khaled’s “major keys” into their lifestyle. The major keys to success are his thoughts on how anyone can reach the amount of success DJ Khaled has reached so they can also have their own Chef Dee.

DJ Khaled’s rise through Snapchat has caused an uproar in social media and the public. People all over the world have a sharing love for this man. Thanks to this god, Kim Kardashian may get a snapchat which would be beneficial for everyone to see the inside life of Kimye. DJ Khaled has turned his inspirational quotes into merchandise, such as t shirts and slides, available at particular, his motivational eliptical talks are very inspiring. As you see him struggle as he works out it makes you want to also go through pain so you can also be the best. Many people have DJ Khaled on snapchat and his phrases are constantly being thrown around, but use them wisely. Follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat at djkhaled305, bless up.