Ames High’s Latest Math Teacher: Mrs. Heine


Mrs. Heine is the latest math teacher at Ames High, currently teaching Algebra I and Advanced Algebra II. Yet, teaching at Ames High is far from a new experience for her. 

“I actually taught at Ames High School back in 2012. And then I was here for two years… my kids were little so I taught in Ankeny for the past six years,” said Heine. “They’re big now and don’t need me and Ames High has always felt like home… I had an opportunity to come back when Mr. Jurgensen retired, so I’m back.” 

Having worked at Ames High before, Mrs. Heine is also well-acquainted with many current staff members. 

“I’ve missed all the colleagues like Ms. Testroet, Mr. Hill, Mr. Gorman, and Ms. Allman- [they] were all here when I was here before and I loved working with them then and I love working with them now,” she said.

Mrs. Heine has been teaching for 12 years, covering topics ranging from pre-algebra to precalculus. However, mathematics isn’t the only area of teaching our newest math teacher is experienced with. 

“I have a master’s degree in educational technology so I’m actually certified in online teaching…” explained Mrs. Heine. “As far as creating lessons and giving feedback and all that stuff I’m fairly comfortable in that arena.” 

Both her familiarity with the staff and the experience in online teaching has facilitated the transition back into teaching at Ames High. But what made Mrs. Heine want to begin teaching in the first place? 

“When I was younger… I didn’t have any female math or history teachers… I grew up in a small town in Illinois and my first female math teacher was actually like my junior year of college… I just wanted to inspire, or just be a role model for young girls to see….” said Mrs. Heine.  “Obviously we have a lot of female math teachers here at Ames High and social studies which is great. They were just traditional subjects that weren’t taught by women when I was younger so that was how I got into it.”

This admirable motivation has led Mrs. Heine to truly care about her impact on students, reflected in her favorite part of teaching. 

“I love that I still get to be a kid with teaching; I feel like I never left my high school classroom… I just love seeing the perseverance from students and building the relationships, and having a good time throughout the day,” she said. “It just makes the job so much fun to build friendship… with so many students here in the building.” 

For anyone who might have Mrs. Heine as a teacher next semester or next year, she has one last message. 

“I try to tell my students this and I hope I personify this- as much as I love math and I want students to love math, I just care about everybody as an individual first,” she said. “No matter what happens, I will always be by their side. 100%, so I never want anyone to feel alone.”