Mr. Grapp: The Start of a Teaching Journey


Mr. Grapp in his classroom.

A new face pops in and out of Mr. Schmidt’s old room. Mr. Grapp is the new English teacher here at Ames High. While Mr. Grapp is new to Ames High, this also happens to be Grapp’s first year in the profession. 

“It’s actually my first year teaching. I’ve been working in non-profits before and went back to school recently and got my teaching degree,” says Grapp. 

For now, Grapp will mainly be working with freshmen (also new to the building!), providing comfort and preparation for the long journey ahead. He’s got a busy schedule, teaching English 9 Workshop, Drama, World Literature, Mythology, and Ninth Grade Literature. Interacting and forming connections is a vital part of teaching and learning, and Grapp unquestionably succeeds at this. 

“[I enjoy] just getting to know the students. I always like when students kind of surprise me, like if they come up with an answer I haven’t thought about,” says Grapp. 

Outside of school, Mr. Grapp spends free time like most other individuals: on Tik Tok. 

“It’s a vice,” says Grapp. 

For balance, Grapp enjoys spending time with his cats, reading, and gardening. 

Mr. Grapp strives to be a figure of kindness and non-judgment. Despite being new, Grapp is easily one of the most approachable teachers at Ames High. Next time you’re in the English hall, take some time to pop into room 225 to see Mr. Grapp. 

“I just want them [all students] to know that I recognize we’re coming out of a couple really hard years and it’s kind of a hard year right now, too. If there’s anything I can do for them to help with that; I want to be understanding and help folks out.”