Give it a Pop


Sofia Mamakos and her Pop It that she received during Secret Snowman.

I was second in line at the checkout in Barnes and Noble. Shelves lined with the typical avalanche of overpriced plastic tempted me as I held a crisp twenty-dollar bill, along with my book of choice. With money to spare, my eyes scanned the overpriced knickknacks with intrigue. I paused at a single green Pop It. A minor seven dollars later and the rest is history.  Maybe it was destiny. Maybe it was a marketing scam. All I knew was that it was a Pop It and now it was mine. 

A constant wave of highs and lows affect our emotions on a daily basis. Whether it is from work, school, or family, there is always something adding to our stress. It can be nearly impossible to make time for ourselves to take off the edge from reality or to take a breather amidst a neverending workload. A build-up of anxiety can affect the quality of our lives. If only there was a way to ease anxieties while still being productive, a way to simultaneously balance out stress while still going about everyday life. With fidget spinners and cubes out of style, a new sheriff is in town – the Pop It. It’s no solution for everyone, but it’s worth a pop. 

Theo and Ora Coster are pictured, the original inventors of the Pop It.

The Pop It was originally invented 40 years ago by Theo and Ora Coster, a couple who designed over 190 other games. Its creation was inspired when Ora’s sister died of breast cancer. Ora was creative, to say the least.  “Theo, imagine a large field of breasts, ladies’ breasts, that you can push the nipple,” said Ora. She told him to, “do a carpet of nipples that you can press from one side to the other,” and that’s exactly what he did. 40 years later, their two sons, Boaz and Gideon Coster re-launched the product. The rest is history.

The Pop It is a rubber toy with small bumps that can be pushed in and out with a satisfying pop. The excitement of popping bubble wrap is now portrayed in this silicone viral sensation. Captivating children of all ages, this novelty toy helps relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD, etc. When overthinking or feeling anxious, the Pop It can give kids something for their hands to focus on. It is a calming mechanism that uses movement to enhance focus, concentration, and relaxation. These therapeutic toys have the potential to be a great stress reliever for adults as well. They are also the perfect convenience for on the go. Whenever and wherever the Pop It delivers.

Unlike other coping mechanisms, this one actually might work to help people. This versatile concentration assistant has something for everyone. Long school days become more bearable. Anxious impulses are fulfilled by a harmless popping technique. It has personally helped me to relieve a lot of stress, and I am grateful for the newfound resource. Based on my experience I am confident that if others are willing to give it a chance, it could bring joy and concentration into their busy lives as well. So trust me, just give it a pop!