Mr. Tipping: Ames High’s Newest Band Director

Katie Lindgren Photography

Katie Lindgren Photography

The band program is one of the most celebrated parts of Ames High, and this year our band welcomes a new Associate Director of Bands, Mr. Connor Tipping. 

Mr. Tipping has been teaching for 10 years, previously at Carlisle High School, Newman Catholic Schools in Mason City, and Benton Community High School. Although Mr. Tipping has been teaching in the Ames school district for two years, this is his first year teaching at Ames High. Mr. Tipping completed his master’s degree at the University of Central Missouri, and spent a year there in an interim role as the Assistant Director of Bands. 

At Ames High, Mr. Tipping will be directing the 9th Grade Concert Band and Jazz II, co-teaching the Marching Band, and also teaching student lessons. At the Middle School, Mr. Tipping leads the 6th grade band, assists with 7th and 8th grade bands, and teaches student lessons for all grade levels. 

“Music is at the core of who I am as a person,” Mr. Tipping says. Throughout his life, he has been involved in many musical activities, including concert, marching, jazz, and pep bands, solo and ensemble, honor band, and choir. He says that he was inspired to teach music by all the teachers he had throughout his life, “the biggest pull was a desire to ‘give back’ by passing on what I had learned from such great educators.” 

“Without a doubt, [my favorite thing about teaching] is seeing a student grow over time and accomplish things they didn’t think were possible.” Mr. Tipping says that he feels a great sense of fulfillment when watching students take pride in what they have achieved.

 Mr. Tipping would like his students to know that he wants to be as helpful as possible, and that he thinks of himself as a fairly understanding person. He also wants students to not focus too hard on the small details and not lose track of their priorities, saying “I’m always reminding myself how grateful I am to have the kinds of opportunities, family, and friends that I do, because it gives me a better perspective on what matters.”

Mr. Tipping is a proud graduate of Iowa State University, and is a passionate Cyclones fan. Mr. Tipping says that his dad took him to his first basketball game at Hilton Coliseum when he was 4, and that “Many of my favorite childhood memories are from going to games with my dad or my grandparents at Hilton.” He is also a fan of the Chicago Cubs, and has recently started following European soccer. During the summer, Mr. Tipping loves to visit National Parks and other beautiful places with his wife. Mr. Tipping comes from a family of music teachers, both band and vocal. His wife is also a band director.