What you’ll remember about prom when you’re forty

Although the weekend of the 5th was an exciting one for those who attended prom, in forty years, how much will you really remember? Leading up to the event, (the problems planning dinner reservations, flowers, ties, etc) it seems like such a huge occasion, but sometimes what you remember are the small, seemingly insignificant, and maybe the minutely embarrassing happenings as well.

  • The uncreative ways your dates have asked you (that way your kids can copy them and be equally as uncreative).
  • Mr. Webb’s prom story.
  • Dancing in the dark and running into a tree that looks like Michael Jackson
  • Not the color of your dress, just whether it stayed up or not.
  • How, at dinner, you ordered pasta with garlic bread and was self-conscious for the rest of the night.
  • How annoying your date was that your tie had to match her dress exactly.
  • Driving home at 5 am and trying to keep awake and not running through stop signs, hoping that a cop won’t stop you not because your parents will kill you but because the radio is on and your date is in the front seat and it would be VERY awkward.
  • The quadratic formula.
  • When your date was late for pictures and your fear that he/she might not show up, and then you had to retake group pictures
  • How you spent the entire night holding the door for people and you lost your date going into the dance because people just kept coming through that door, and it took fifteen minutes to find her again.
  • The Watergate scandal the ruptured the moral fabric of the country.
  • Your heels made your calves hurt half way through the dance but you kept them on and now you have osteoporosis.
  • How you won against your date in a race on the inflatable obstacle course by half a second and were SO PROUD.
  • The propagation of the bourgeois hierarchy.