Homecoming Etiquette


Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

With homecoming coming at us at full speed and with so many newcomers to dances, the idea of listing a few of the unspoken set of rules that apply to the Ames High homecoming dance seemed like a good idea.

Rule 1. The easiest and most important rule to follow: don’t grind. Nobody wants to see it and it just isn’t classy.

Rule 2. Wear whatever crazy heels you want for pictures, because everyone ends up shoeless anyway.

Rule 3. Don’t be that person that stands on the side and watches. Join a group of friends or ask that cute person from your English class to dance. The worst thing they can say is no.

Rule 4. Strapless dresses are not the best idea. Most of the dance consists of jumping, so you’ll spend most of the time awkwardly holding your dress up whilst bouncing around. If you’ve already bought a dress that’s strapless, don’t panic! Whatever you feel you look good in and is comfortable for you is awesome.

Rule 5. You don’t have to have a date to have fun. Grab your best friends and dance in a big circle during the slow songs. Take a big group of single girls or guys and have an awesome time. Don’t let the thought of not having a date bring you down.

Rule 6. Fake tans almost never look nice. Why pay so much for a tan when you can roll in a bunch of Cheeto dust and look the same? If you do plan on getting a fake tan, make sure you get a tan that looks good with your skin tone.

Rule 7. You don’t have to know any real dance moves. If you have fist pumping and jumping down, you’re already covered.

Rule 8. If you do have a date, the boy should pay for your ticket. It’s common courtesy and it’s really nice. Take notes, boys!

Rule 9. Do not request Let It Go to be played. I think we’ve all had enough Frozen by this point.

Rule 10. Have fun and be safe! You only get four homecomings. Make it worth it and don’t do anything too crazy.