Singin’ with the Snyder Siblings


Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

Junior Noah Snyder looks down at his phone,

“I swear, he’s coming. Don’t worry. He’ll just be late, it’s typical Miles not to have his phone.” Soon enough, smiling sophomore Miles Snyder pokes his head into the room that the two brothers spend most of their morning in, the Ames High Choir room. Mr. Linn, the AHS choir director looks fondly over the brothers as he packs things up for lunch during the frantic week of choir assessments.

“Having the Snyder brothers around has been quite entertaining,” says Linn.

“Their humor, of course, never distracts from their All State preparation,” he adds with a wink.

The two brothers were paired together to audition as a duet for spots in Iowa’s All State Choir this year.

“It wasn’t a surprise, I feel like everyone assumed we would be paired together since we are brothers,” said Noah. “Besides, Miles needs someone to carry him through.” There are quirky stories behind the pair’s All State prep, and Miles did somehow manage to get stuck in between a door, and wouldn’t have been able to get out without the help of his older brother, a bonding experience that will help them face the scrutiny of the judges.

Miles claims that it is not competitive between the two of them “because we sing different voice parts.” Noah gives him a look and continues “Yeah, unless one of us hits a wrong note or messes up.” The two brothers laugh and agree.

The Snyder brothers look forward to choir each and every day. Miles enjoys his friends and the adjustment to Chorale, while Noah says his favorite thing about choir is Madrigal. The pair claims that their relationship is “good and brotherly” and that has helped their prep for All State. The brothers, along with other AHS vocal, band, and orchestra groups will audition on October 25th, in Indianola. The two describe the audition process with some suspense.

“What happens is we are given 9 pieces to learn completely, then the morning of auditions, they announce what the selections are. That’s why these morning rehersals are so important, they could pick any part of the song for us to audition on.” says Snyder. The brothers feel prepared and are now just looking for their practice to help their audition.

The two brothers are homeschooled, and “it’s awesome because we can do everything at our own pace,” Noah said. “Most stays it’s easy to get everything done,” continues Miles.

And even though these two brothers leave AHS right after first lunch, that doesn’t damper their AHS pride at all. “We have just as much love for AHS as everyone else,” smiles Noah. Miles recounts his favorite memories down under the Friday night lights,

“There’s nothing much better than football games with the drumline.”

….except choir of course, which their love for music and singing will carry them through their auditions. Ames High and the WEB sends best wishes to the brother duo and all other students auditioning on the 25th, Good luck!